Monday, November 05, 2007


today is my tv day. hahah :)
finally, ROMANTIC PRINCESS EP8 is out !
i have been waiting for 1week.
since i reach hm, i have been watching tv throughout the night.
haha .
intially was the 7pm show , den HOME DECOR , den the 9pm show and lastly follow by my ROMANTIC PRINCESS on youtube. hahaha :)
anyways , today got the JK lesson again !
hahaha :)
terrible drawing day ! totally sucks !
but it wad a lucky day . at least he didn't say i'm a problematic student .
BUT , without him saying , i still know that my drawings really sucks .
shld look at karen's one . is really nice and cute .
*karen, thanks for teaching me how to draw. i think it does help a bit ! hahaha:)
gisiang.andiLOVEtv <3

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