Friday, November 09, 2007


today went out to celebrate louisure birthday ! hahah :)
went to have steamboat at bugis. is not bad. hahah :) the tom yum soup is real hot ! hahah .
after that went back to bugis junction to shop. but it was like damn packed at the fountain cos' LUO ZHI XIANG is there !!! hahah :) i went to see and join the crowd and try to take his pics . but is really hard to take his pics . so many butts and faces blocking my view !!! hahah :) but can see his side view !!! he's really cool and shuai !!! hahaha :) he really got loads of fans also ! after that went to bugis street to shop awhile and then we went back to bugis junction. den have some desserts ! hahah :) YUMMY !!!
den we went hm soon !
it's a raining night ! singyee, thanks for acc. me to walk till the car park ! hahah :)
gisiang.andit'saBORINGposts . dots .

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