Tuesday, November 13, 2007


yawn !!! today is a sleepy day. ystd sleep so late cos' of my insist of wanting to watch finish romantic princess ep9. so i slept at about 2am. it's really tiring esp when having the lectures today. it's a super boring lesson and although i was looking at the lecturer but at times, my heart and spirit is already flying away. hahah :) but luckily the whole lecture end at about 4 45pm. then, me and singyee went to J8 and have our dinner. it's western food again! but it's nice. hahah :) after that we went to arcade. hahha . we saw one auntie playing a machine, those catch bear bear de. den she keep on playing and she want to win the bear for her naughty grandchildren. um, the auntie talk to us and she even put the money and ask us to play. we tried but still can catch. we ask her how much she have spent on the machine den she said 20plus dollars. and after some time, she still cont' to play and in all, she spent at least 30dollars at the machine. how i wish she can faster get the bear? so hard pain to see the way she spent the money on the machine. i think is a waste of money ! i won't ever like that waste my money bah. hahah :)
went home soon !
rest and scolded my brother for using my lappy for so long. he deserved the scoldings !!! make me so angry. always delay delay de ! want to use also cannot. hahah :) the scolding is sort of useful. so he stop after some time. hahah :)
so i watch the preview of ep10(lastep) for romantic princess ! it's super nice! hope nx week faster come! hahah :) my classmates are also crazy over this show and today we even have a little talk about it. haaha :)
okays. think dat's about it for today. maybe later going to make my nails. cos' the paints drop off liao and is super ugly and is highly recommended by karen to change my nails colour! haha.
bye ppl !
gisiang. andiLOVESromanticprincess.
feeling of a princess is so wonderful ...

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