Saturday, November 17, 2007


to me, it seems like a long long time since i last post. haha:) recently, i have been busy doing projects on the kiosk and design history ppt. but now i got some time, so i shall post so things and pics taken on the past few days.
on thurs, me and my classmates were doing the kiosk mock up. after that we went to suki sushi for our dinner. hahah:) it was nice and cheap.
my beef bowl
my mouth was full
the conveyor belt and me !
me and elaine.
the very NICE mango pudding. i had 2 of it !!! HAHA :)

ystd, i was damn pissed off. i was pissed off with yixuan!!! he drop my lappy. OMG! i didn't even drop my lappy before. although my lappy falls with the casing from the table to the chair, i was still very angry. cos' it is still consider as a drop! he damn ..... i was really so angry and heart pain. okays, forget abt that.
today, i was doin the ppt for the whole day. and till now, i haven bathe. after i bathe, im going to do some drawings. hahah :) okays, so thats all for now. shall update when i'm free.

gisiang. andihateYOUYOUYOU! hate you !

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