Tuesday, November 13, 2007


today is a great great day without JK , the sissy lesson !!! HAHA :)no stress but just SLACK ! MY CUTIE DRAWING ! LOOK ALIKE ?

WHEN IM DRAWING . taken by karen .
slacking in the TOILET ! photo shooting ! kaser is the tripod stand ! hahaha :)
another shot of us :)
today is a great great day without JK , the sissy lesson !!! HAHA :)
no stress but just SLACK !
me and karen and some classmates have a fun time chatting and drawing during mr ng's lesson . haha :) loads of laughter till mr ng let us off for break ! hahah :)
we were saying if we want tu have a chalet during christmas time ! hahah :) and there's a little joke going around our class . perhaps , onli some will know. it's a SECRET abt the joke !
we have photography lesson after that . another boring lesson .
went hm ! yippy ! :)
did my hmwk while watching home decor.
it was really a nice show ! yes ! and, i GUESS CORRECTLY who's the winner ! haha :)
i loves the mirror in bryan's design ! it's special ! actually both of the house are good ! and i prefer bryan's . hahha :)
den, follow by the nine pm channel 8 show ! it was a last ep and i didnt know . hahah :) but it was a good ending !
den finally complete my work at 11 plus .
and now, i cant wait to watch romantic princess ep 9 !!! it's the 2nd last ep !!! exciting !!!
but i still got to wait for it to load ! anyways , got to thanks rayne for telling me to watch at youku.com . cos' youtube haven upload ep9 and i dunno why also . hahha :) but at least i still got to watch the show at youku !!! haha .
bye readers ! im goin tu watch ep 9 now . i think have upload finish liao ! hahah :)
gisiang. andiloveTODAY , a day without JK !

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