Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i had a stomach ache today. OMG! feel like shiting but not used to shiting in other places. so i bare with it till i reached hm. hahaa:) and i skipped my photography lesson today agn. i have skipped for 2weeks already. hope that i will go next week. haha:) today also confirm with classmates that we will go and play badminton this thurs at somwhere in YCK. haha:)
anyways, today, mr ng's lesson another slack lesson. hahaha:) but he say that the hmwk we did is wrong. can say that the whole class did wrongly. hahah :X so got to redo. hhah :) and we nedd to spent money to buy water colours paper agn !
wah wah wah ! today got so many shows to watch. hahha ! i just finish watching all the shows im suppose to watch! haha :) i watched ROMANTIC PRINCESS EP11 , BULL FIGHTING EP2 . hahah . and i think i'm siao. i'm watching 4diff shows at a go. hahah . currently, i'm watching gong zhu xiao mei, dou nui yao bu yao, hei tang ma qi duo, ah wang xing zuan. hahaha :) isn't it crazy ? hahah . i think i'm crazy ! hhah :) kaekaex . but all these are really nice. hahah. irresistable! esp dou nui yao bu yao ! hahah . but gong zhu xiao mei also not bad. and it's ending soon. hahah .
shall update till here. got to do other things.
gisiang. lovesloads&loadsof SHOWS.

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