Saturday, April 02, 2011

Not exactly 7 days.

After months of saying 'want to meet', we finally met up :)

As we are chatting & I realised I worked together with them for 7 DAYS ONLY!
Karen & Chris work with them for like a month?
It's a 7 Days of knowing, but years of friends.

Marche for that night and Smoke Salmon Rosti is always my choice. I've been craving for like 3 weeks until that day finally had it!
Chat, Camwhore, Laugh, Have Fun!

We took lots of photos, but I seriously tried cutting down as much as I can.
There you go... (hope is not too much)

Splendid view at Orchard Central's rooftop.

Huifen's iPhone casing is stupid! Flipping downwards is definitely better than sideway!

Watch out for my 'jaw-dropping' expression that they made them laughed like hell!
The thing is that bcos Huifen said she will bring us to this awesome and quite unknown area in Orchard Central. So she said until like very 'WOW!', then I started making the 'jaw-dropping' expression.
Unglam much!


I'm not really amazed by the place, bcos I think I've seen it somewhere before. Plus, I'm not that kind of like 'WOW!' person. Maybe a dessert can make me go 'WOW' more than a place! :)
But's nice, so camwhored AGAIN!

Seriously, I can't do nice jumping shots! My face will look so funny!
Check out the below photos of Huifen & Lynette punching each other!
Sooo cute! :)

This is like the BEST after many triesss of jump shots but still...with a blur face! 

I felt that people always have a 'thing' for staircase. They just like to take photos at staircase, don't you think so?
Be it a museum or a hotel and now shopping mall! Hahaha :)

After much of jump shots and walking around, dinner digested & time for DESSERTS!!!
Huifen & Lynette intro us to Cold Stone Creamery. 
The name is like a combi of Cold Rock & Marble Slab Creamery?!! 

Digital Menu, just like those used at cinemas to check movie timing!

To me, it's really cheap in comparison to Cold Stone, Marble Slab Creamery or B&J.
Cold Stone & Marble Slab Creamery cost nearly $7 to $8 for their regular size ice cream with toppings.
Their regular is probably Cold Stone's 'Like It' size, and they are selling at $5.50-$5.90 only!
While comparing to B&J, B&J one scoop is extremely small and it's $4.90 already.. plus it doesn't comes with any topping.

Good deal or no?

My pick for the day is Cheesecake Fantasy.

Huifen's Oreo Overload with chocolate waffle (additional $1.50)

Lynette's Founder's Favourite.

Chris ordered something like Banana Strawberry Milkshake which she didn't took a photo of it.

Anyway my share point on Cold Stone Creamery:
My Cheesecake Fantasy is not cheesy enough for sure. The ice cream just taste like Vanilla more than Cheesecake. Cold Stone Cheesecake Ice Cream still the best! :)
Chris's Banana Strawberry Milkshake had a stronger taste of the Banana and not much of Strawberry.
Lynette & Huifen choice are very safe, nothing much to comment.
Cold Stone Creamery are very generous with their toppings. They also seems more well known for their chocolate family choices. I'll suggest to go if you don't want to spend so much on dessert yet craving for something sweet. I'll definitely go back again to have some chocolate-ty treats for myself!

Goodnight World

g s i a n g , l o v e y o u I C

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