Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Halve-Hometown

Many of my friends have heard me saying 'Kluang, Kluang, Kluang...'

Where the hell is Kluang?!!
It's just a little further down from Johor. A short 2 & 1/2 hr bus ride will get you there.

Kluang is my mum's hometown which equals to half of my hometown too!
I've been going since young. From grandparents till they left, from 1 niece to around 10nieces and nephews, from baby nieces and nephews to teenangers/children...

10 & 11 April, 2011
A short trip to Kluang to visit relatives, so here a bit of photos to show you the place.
Photos are not super good quality, I survived the trip just by using my iPhone camera.

On the way....

The bridge linking to Malaysia.

I'm almost there!!!  ' Kluang, turn right! '

This is the super old school chewing gums. If I didn't rmb wrongly, it was selling at RM0.70 last time, but now.. I don't really know. You definitely eat this before!!!

Outside a nearby shopping mall where the coach stopped us & waiting for my uncle to fetch us.

The Stone is the main departmental store in the shopping mall. Since young, I always shopped here, buy all my 'ugly, old-fashion' kids time clothes here. And now.. it's closing down.

I reached relative house & parents all catching up with one another. And that's the only time I hear them speak Hakka. Luckily I understand, but I just couldn't speak Hakka.

Night falls, time for dinner!
I requested my relatives to bring us to eat at this 'zi-char' place. 
Bcos both my brothers ate at this place the other time when I didn't went, & came back raving about how nice is their calamari! And make me determined that I must go there eat this time!

It doesn't matter when the place and signage are dimly lighted because people will just find their way there with the delicious food they served there.
I have to say, the calamari is definitely THE BEST I've ever had! It's the sotong itself that is sooo soft and nice. Not like those that you will chew until your mouth gets so tired. Only thing that is not so good is no Mayonaise, that's like my favourite sauce! 
But this place is famous for their curry fish! Also super nice! The fish is super fresh and they wrapped it with aluminum foil and poured in curry then steamed or which ever way they cooked it.
I took one of their name card in case I need it in the future! 

After yummy dinner, we went over to Kluang Mall to shop and let our food digest a little.
Kluang Mall is the newest mall there. They have Face Shop, Body Shop, Vincci over there...
This Cartino Sonea shop, they have like quite nice shoes and I bought 2 pairs!
*Sorry for blur picture, I was rushing to that shop..! :)*

Happily went back to my relative house and chatted with my niece till 2.30am then sleep.
Next day, woke up early morning 9.30am, bathed and headed out for Bak Kut Teh.
I'm sooo sad, cos the super nice BKT never opened!!! It's Monday, people..! Monday, markets don't open, remember?! 
But anw, we tried another BKT. It's a bit diff style, more like SG. Each person one bowl of soup and rice that kind. Sucks! I still prefer the claypot BKT! That will keep the soup warm for a longer time.
But good thing is, I had YAM RICE & love yam rice! I had 2 Bowls of yam rice that day! Too yummy!
I'm missing the yam rice now...

After breakfast, we went to my another aunt house to visit her. 
Then went to Kluang Mall for last round shopping and went to Kluang Parade to search for the CDs for Mac version.

Things that I bought over there.. I love the brown sandals most!
The iPhone covers are super cheap!!! RM4.90=$2.10 only! But very little choices..

Everything was good there. I had fun playing with little nieces and nephews! There are sooo many kids that I can't rmb all their names! Hahaha.
Anw, this is the first time not going on a Wednesday bcos every Wednesday, they will have Pasar Malam and they sell super nice Kaya Ball which I must eat when I go there every single time! And of course there are other yummy food too!
That's about it for the 2D1N getaway. I hope you enjoy!

g s i a n g , i l o v e K l u a n g

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