Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's a long long journey

Today went out with Yvonne, Fennie, Chris & Jiaqi to Orchard.
Bought a Charles&Keith wedges at $49.90, my mum is sooo gonna kill me! Another wedges which i might not wear it sooo often! And I bought Lanvin perfume for myself, love it! Nice 'mao mao' necklace from F21 too! Total damage for the day: nearly $200 including food!
Last minute CNY shopping did help a little. Bought some stuff but TROUBLE! I don't know how to match them tgt to make it look nice! Die x100!

Please help!

I bought a dark blue wedges and a dark blue chiffon top.
I had a light brown (near to beige) plain dress and a brown flats (the one i bought at editor's market).
Can you all please tell me hw should i match it?

I wanna wear the dark blue chiffon top with black shorts plus dark blue wedge, but if i wear that on CHU1, a bit funny...shorts leh! But I feel like wearing that dark blue wedge on CHU1!

I can actually wear that light brown dress with the wedge, but CHU2 leh? Chiffon top and shorts with brown flats?! Not nice leh! Sians! 

Can anybody help me? Friends, please tweet at me to tell me or talk to me in msn to help! Hahahaha!

g s i a n g , T r o u b l e d .

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