Monday, February 14, 2011

What's that long queue for?

Check out this extremely long queue!
So what are we actually queueing for? ...

This is it!
2D1N Soju Bang

Who's in for this great buffet? People below plus Yvonne!

Introduce the place first.
It's a place for Korean BBQ. It's super Korean style. The people working there are Koreans, the cutlery used are very Korean, people who went there to eat are Koreans too! It's like an authentic Korean BBQ place!

Check out the environment. Not very nice but you can see a lot Korean celebrities posters on the wall!

The varieties are not a lot, but it's sufficient to make you full!

A lot of pork! A bit scary plus i'm not a fan of pork! But i love their pork bacon!

Sauces for you! :)

Standard message that you will see at almost all the buffet places!

A little bell which you can use to call the waiters, but however it doesn't seems to work. Probably, you would like to just raise up your hand, it will be much faster that way.

Worry that you have to your hand to wrap the lettuce with meat? Peeling prawn?!
They are thoughtful enough to provide wet towel for you to use after your meal.

Paying for drinks? NO NO NO!
They provide free flow plain water (thou i'm not sure is it tap water), better than nothing.
And i always think that if you go buffet and drink soft drink, it will make you full faster so very 'bo hua'.
Their plain water comes in a big bottle (picture below), so don't have to keep on refill! Good :)


Kim Hyung Joong and Kim Bum's posters behind too! :)

And take note, they don't take reservations
We actually queued for abt 30 to 45min before getting our seats. 

Start grabbing our food and BBQ-ed!

Yummy corn! Me love!

Kim Chi, all time favourite. 

Prawn, beef, bacon, pork, chicken .... All In! :)

Us happy eating, happily chatting!

One of their dessert, which is like a sweet drink. Can't rmb the name of it.

We ordered Soju. Soju is a type of alcoholic beverage in Korea. It tasted like Vodka, and it's supposed to drink neat. But all of us doesn't like it so we added watermelon and squashed it in the cup! Wahahaha!


Our last round of loved Bacon!!!

Group photo!

Anw, this is like the first poster I spotted. Ha Ji Won, main lead actress for Secret Garden!

Before leaving, cam-whored!

I would strongly encourage people to give it a try!
If you are interested...
Location: 46A Tanjong Pagar Road
It's a 5-10mins walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT.
Price: $20 for adults, $22-$23 after GST and service charges

*Take note: You will definitely need to bathe after having this meal! The smell is just too strong! *
It's all worth it, and i'm definitely going back for more!

g s i a n g , l o v e K .

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