Thursday, February 24, 2011

Once bite, it cracks.

PIZZA cracks because it's too SKINNY.

Introducing Skinny Pizza to you! 
If you had tried Pizza Hut's thin crust pizza or Timbre's pizza, and you think thats thin, I will tell you it's not....
Skinny Pizza has pizza which is so thin that it will just CRACKS!

Definitely not something which looks pretty, but to me tasted quite nice.

Somewhat like Hawaiian pizza just that it doesn't have pineapple.
Extremely huge and generous ham :)

This seems like a pretty popular at Skinny Pizza. 
Pick your own choice of side dishes, 3 for $15.
We had fries, 1/4m long sausage and fried sweet potatoes.
I will recommend fried sweet potatoes. I think it's rather unique taste as it's SWEET. &there's sprinkle of sugar on top. It will balance out the meal with that little sweetness.

Verdict: Worth giving it a try, overall is not very exp. I spent $18 there.

Give it a try to have your own verdict.
g s i a n g , c r a c k s s s

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