Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V.Day to all!

Happy Valentine's Day!

wishing friends who got has a partner can last forever with your another half and staying happily tgt
friends who are single, still please stay happy and enjoy this day too! And bare in mind, you are not alone bcos i'm also single, i'm also alone! I'm definitely hoping that you can find your another half too (wishing for myself as well)!

I'm dedicating this song to all FA people out there! Wahahaha!
I think it's a song which suits FA ppl, thou i don't find being single such a sad thing! Hahahaha!

丁当 : 一半

I'm gonna rest earlier tonight bcos tmr no more staying up at the meeting room, have to be on my desk. And if i feel sleepy, it's the end! I kinda feel insecure now. I have the feeling of like first day going to work. Perhaps is bcos i got to work on my desk. Feeling lost, hope tmr not gonna be a bad day pls!
Don't expect me to tweet as often as last time.

g s i a n g , L o s t & S a d

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