Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just came back from a mini celebration for my birthday with classmates!
Really thanks their effort for spending the night with me! Had a full dinner at PizzaHut.
It was not some expensive restaurant but it was a satisfying dinner for me!

GASSY pepsi
OILY fries
CHEESY pizza
FATTENING icecream

What a fattening day, but enjoyed myself with all these food! Hahaha:)

Funny way of giving presents:
Presents put on the stairs, didn't noticed! Hahahah:)
Lovely shoes & Blinked lanyard! Whoohoo! Which I really needed! Thanks for the gifts:)

Camwhoring time. loves.

End of the day:
Surprise! Cool with all the little acts discovered, but FUN! See Huifen panick around! Hahahah. Her face damn joke.
Thanks Huifen and Chris for rushing down to buy! Hahaha:) And huifen: I forgive ur lateness for ystd's running session! Hahahah:)
Thanks the Karen, Rayne, Fify and Sujun for coming today to celebrate! Although not much people but still really appreciate, a small gathering is fine for me! Hahaha:)
Pics to be uploaded soon.
Happy day:)

Rockon girls! Hahaha:)
Thanks Pretties& Babes!

gsiang. andilove GFs, GossipGirls! Hugggs:)

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