Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good news! Hahaha:) I finally bought a new phone. W910I has been fired! The phone that always restart is being trade in le! I bought myself E71! Lovely white E71. LOVE IT.
Still in process of figuring out the things. Total noob at this kind of business phones.
Small class gathering! Super little people....Pathetic 5people! But still enjoying it with nice food at Aston and gossips!

My mouth is stuffed with food! Face look so damn weird.

Friday, our office don't have power. No electricity, no lights, no aircon, no laptop= NO WORK!
Hahaha. 12pm lunch break all the way till 5.30pm end work can't do anything. So just slack all the way. Sleeping, singing, taking pictures, chatting, itouching... Shiok but just feel super hot! And finally when we going hm at 5.30pm, the electricity is finally fixed!

That's all for Friday.
And Saturday back to work.
After work went to eat Subway at AMK with Yvonne, Chris and Huifen. And go check whether got stock for E71 also. Then after that went hm to put laptop and went out agn to meet Singyee, Vonne, Yinghui and Jiaqi. Long time never go out shop together. So fun! Hahahah:) Shopped at ION and FEP and Cineleisure to have dinner. Then I got to go off le, cos meeting parent at AMK to buy phone. Rushed like hell from Orchard to AMK then back to Orchard to meet them agn to go to Boat Quay to slack and drink.
Ystd was a great day! Hahaha:) I miss shopping with my Besties. Happy dinner with them. Shall upload pictures taken ystd another day. Really hope can always like that go out! Girls shopping!
Love love!
gsiang. andiloveE71 & myBesties.
andimiss BOF, i missed 3wk of BOF & going to miss another 2wks. Sad:(

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