Saturday, August 08, 2009

Oh...Blogger is finally back to normal, but not going to post any pictures.
Lazy and all pictures are at FB le. Hahah:)
I'm confused of what phone to get. I think either E71, E75 OR Nokia 5730. But I really want Nokia 5730. Cos E71 i think hard to type with nails! But my brother keep on ask me get that phone. But is the cheapest among all 3 also.
Then E75 is like almost the same as Nokia5730, just that it looks uglier. Hahahah:) But is cheaper by abt 100$.
Then Nokia 5730 is 400plus$, super ex. But I like most. Nicer than E75.
Qwerty keyboard!!! Arghh, stress.. Also dont know if my father will help me pay a little mah...

When reached hm, talked to my mum abt the phone and wardrobe, bed.... Then brother overheard then like say me always spend money! I'm a bit angry lo! Cos I also not like any how spend. I already give up on my longchamp bag to buy my wardrobe. Wardrobe and bed is like so long ago liao, bed going to break liao lo. I using my own money to get my own furniture then there he saying I anyhow spend, say I buy clothes. Even if I buy also not expensive one, not like him, I buy 3, he buy 1only lo! Somemore I only work 3months, only like 1500$. Buy bed, buy wardrobe, hp all these jiu can't really save le.. Think I don't want save meh... Always ask me save, say until so easy. Girls are like that one mah, will buy clothes all these de what! Sian la...
Want buy so many things, eveything also need money.
Who the hell will pay for their own room furniture sia!!! My family! Hp, Itouch, drawer, mirror, everything ownself pay! AND I ONLY EARN 550$ PER MONTH! Sucks!

I don't care la! Spend all the money buy all the things I want!
Angry! I need sweet stuff!, I need shows, I need music to make myself not angry!

Anyway, today is a happy day! Finally met up with Singyee, Jiaqi, Vonne and Zm.
Went to look for Vonne and Zm when working. Talked then have dinner together. Happy chatting with all of them! Hahaha:) Talked and meet up soon! Not when Vonne and Zm are working!!! Hahaha:) See you people soon!

gsiang. andiloveNOKIA5730.

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