Sunday, August 09, 2009

Today is a planned out Fattening Day! But also a Happy Day for me! Hahahah:)
Main purpose for going out: EAT STICKY CHEWY CHOCOLATE from Swensens.

Morning work.
Straight away 2hrs of Jewel Puzzle before start work.
By end of the day, we completed one detailed drawing, somemore is two of us do one!
Went home put bag, then met up with Chris & Huifen.
So, today really like got the 'go out' feeling, cos no need carry laptops.
Kim Gary set meal for our lunch, super full.
6plus pm have DESSERTS at Swensens which is our dinner! And very nice FRIES WITH SAUCE also!
While waiting, pictures agn.

My Sticky Chewy Chocolate! Love it. Miss it.

After Vivo, we decided to go to Orchard, cos there is nothing for me to buy in Vivo. Damn sian one la. Then bused to Orchard. Pictures on bus agn.

That is my disgusting pimply face! So many scars and pimples. And I'm still trying hard to cure it. Sad. If anyone one got good and not very exp kind of lighten scars kind of cream or solution, pls let me know. Hahaha:)

This is Fake Smile 1.
Fake Smile 2.
Fake Smile 3.
Fake Smile 4. Hahah:)

Went to ION, first time! Hahah:)
So many people and first shop we stepped in buy things le!
Rubi, sell all cotton on sell de shoes. Then wanted to buy the brown open toes that I have it last time but very sian so buy a black open toes.
Went to Uniqlo. Wanted to buy long tee, stopped by Huifen. Saying, I need to save money to buy phone and bla bla bla. Hahha. But also too many people and haven't see all designs yet as well. So shall go there another time then see what I can get.
And got Longchamp shop at ION. Hahaha. Shall go in nx time to see, but not buying le bah.
So a few pictures at ION!

Yup, so that's all.
It's a really fun and happy day today! Hahah:)
And I just got my F21 leggings today! Good material, very comfy. Hahah:)
I also bought a pimple gel called Sebamed. Hahaha:) Hope it will cure my pimples soon!
Tmr, my mum's birthday! Happy Birthday to her and Singapore! Hahaha:)
Going out to have dinner together tmr! Nice food!
Bye people, enjoy your holidays!
gsiang. andiloveToday!

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