Friday, July 03, 2009

Finally I can upload photos agn when I prepared that cannot upload.
Show you people what I have done first. So, did some images editing and doing of chairs using rhino but now trying to use 3d max but still in the midst of figuring out!

Original the table leg is curl so need to change it to flat.

So this is the one I did, I think is very fake and not nice but is the best le bah! Hahaha:)

This is the table leg which is chrome and need to change it to like not shiny.
I think this still consider real bah. Hahah:) This is the first chair I was given to do. And I'm still working out now. Cos I think the shape not correct. Fillet not enough and stuff. Trying out using studio max and I really hope they won't rush me, cos I think I will take a long time to finish it. And I'm already owe them 3chairs in total.

I had quite a hard time doing chair even though it looks like a simple chair. But I will harder la! Hahah:) Sad news is that Huifen is leaving me for 3weeks to AMK branch to work, leaving me alone. Nobody go eat with me, I don't know stuff also don't know who to ask. How??!! Nobody go work and go home together with me! Sians...I will miss you Huifen! Ice Horlicks & 'MEINU' face! Hahah:)
So today is our first meetup for SID after attachment.
And also had a mini celebration for Phoebe's 20bday!
Had dinner at PizzaHut @ Marina Square.
Pissed off with some idiotic ppl who eat super slow! Damn Fcuked de lo. Act gentle !
But still had a great time with them, chatting!
Everyone still good and envy those who can design their own furniture or interior de. Although might be hard but it is a good experience bah!
Bused home & tmr still need to work , very sad!
Bye, people. Gonna sleep.
gsiang. andilove ICEHORLICKS!

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