Sunday, July 12, 2009

I had fun last night, celebrating Jiaqi's bday.
Hope she enjoyed too.

Went to She Bangs to drink.
Martell, Heineken...
Saw Wenchuan& friends there.
Then drink together.
Then Qi's brother & friends came also.
After drinking, we left to Marina Barrage to slack and chat.
Me and Qi sat in William which is Qi's brother friend's car. So scary!
He drive super fast, up to 140km!!! Car flying le! Hahahah:) The slowest speed he drive also like 120km which is still very fast! But we are still safe!

After Marina Barrage, they went to play L4D which I'm a total noob at it. So me and vonne didn't play.
Me, Singyee and Vonne left earlier, cos I was really tired. Hahah:)

And it's 7.15am when I reach home!

Other photos can be seen from Facebook! Hahah:)

Wake up 4.15pm, then slack at hm till now and going to slp soon. Tmr need to work agn! Tiring work life.

That's all for now. Bye people.

gsiang. andi'm broke.

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