Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today I look very tired. Dark circles all out! I don't know why also. Super restless at work. Do work also super slow. If normal me, maybe I already finish the work I'm suppose to complete by today but luckily they nv rush me. Doze off..... After lunch better, cos change place then sit together with Huifen then can chat & play together! Hahahah:) Fun right, Huifen??! ~~
It's like finally 5.30pm & finally we can leave...
Met Chris for dinner at AMK! Hahahah:)
Nice dinner, nice chat, but ugly photos! Hahahah:) Some super unglam and didn't post it.

Stupid Fake Smile, but sharper chin?? Hahha:)

Huifen's Artistic Photos!!!

Big Face !

And now, it's our working life pictures!
Stacks of floor plan! But not we draw, just edit a bit here and there, count furniture! HAHAHA:)
Slack but tedious job:(
Slacking with Pocky in my comfortable chair! Ireally love my chair, if got money I will buy! Hahaha:)
Fake Face.

Our office is like showroom for office work stations. So people come here see furnitures... So.. A lot of furniture display here and used by us as well! Hahaha:) Got a lot nice & comfortable chair!
Those CEO sit de chair can come here buy! Hahahah:)
Tada! We sit opposite each other now!

Unglam pictures in super ugly and old toilet! Hahaha:)
My hair grow longer? Hahaha
Unglam. Fat stomach with trunky arms!!! Hahaha:)
What's with this post, Huifen??!! Shoulder got problem?

This is the 'Mei Nu' Face! Hahahah:) Unglam?, super unglam!
See my dark circles? Horrible!

That's all for the photos!
Like very long nv post such photos or like so many photos at a time!
Crazy working life, tired.
I really hope tmr I won't be tired. I don't like being tired!
I today saw a bag I really like at Mitju (don't know how to spell). Is like those waterproof material. And it cost $59.90! SO EXPENSIVE for this kind of bag! No brand somemore. But I really like. But I got no plans to spend money on this bag cos I really want to buy the longchamp bag! Hahahah:) If it's 30plus$ I sure buy le! Sians... I got to spend money more wisely.
And, my face recently really is in deep shit! Sucks like hell. Isit menses or what that cause it? So sad la, before that face already not good condition, big pores! Now??!! Scars plus big pores! Have been putting mask this 2days, hope it will get better bah!
I am broke now, total asset: 30$ bah! This needs to last for another abt 2weeks! Pay faster come! I'm starting to owe friend money!
That's all for now, I really need to sleep. 6plus hrs of sleep left!
gsiang. andilove Bags!

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