Thursday, July 09, 2009

I am with Huifen at AMK branch now! Shiok!
The people there are nicer.
Environment better. ( excluding the toilet )
More like office.
Nicer working tables.
More relax.
One thing bad abt there is, NO NICE ICE HORLICKS! SAD:(
Search for ice horlicks for 2days but nothing nice. Still defu lane one best, 'gao' enough! Hahaha.
Today whole day have been helping them do material board. A lot of cutting and pasting but more to go for tmr! But quite fun & time pass very fast.
Don't wish to go back to Defu Lane.
Had dinner with Chris & Huifen at prata hse today! Chat & slack..
These few days working with Huifen got a lot of jokes, new club, new dance steps!!! Hahaha:)
Anyway, people, do check out fb for dance & flip video! Super funny! Hahaha:)
That's all for now, I'm kind of lazy to blog. Going see video agn!
gsiang. andilove icehorlicks.

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