Sunday, May 01, 2011

Too much things with too little time

Million of things in mind that I want to blog about but my show always come first.

Too many dramas...
From Korea, 'Can You Hear My Heart' and 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' to Taiwan, '我的完美男人' and '醉后决定爱上你' for NOWWW!
AND... from 9th May onwards, Yoon Eun Hye's drama- 'Lie To Me' and 25th May onwards, Lee Min Ho's drama- 'City Hunter' will be showing too! Tooooo many dramas!

Probably, I'll try to blog on Monday? And worse of all is that I've problems installing my Photoshop. Sucks. But at least I can always make do with my Iphoto and Picnik.

Little update for today.
It was a happy day out with Chris & Yvonne to find Rayne at flea market. I was told that there were OPI nail polish selling at $8 each! C'mon, $8 is super cheap can?! Totally cannot resist it. Before I went, I told myself just get 2, but in the end I came back with 3. BUT, still reasonable cos the third one I bought for my mum which I will use or in fact I've ALRD USED IT! Hahahaha!
Now I have BLOODY RED nails for both hands & toes!
Bought a cute halve-wing ring too for $6.90 and a pencil eyeliner at $3! Good deal!

Other than at the flea, I didn't spent anymore except for food.
Great day walking ard FEP accompany Yvonne buy clothes, Taka Yvonne buy mothers' day present, lastly rest at Starbucks with a cuppa caramel macchiato which Yvonne anyhow help me order and a slice of ultra fattening Apple Crumble Chessecake!

I felt so tired at ard 9plus but I hate sleeping early on weekends, plus I painted my nails and while waiting for it to FULLY DRY before I sleep. It is always so pissed to see my nails having marks when I wake up. Hope I won't see that tmr morning.

People, enjoy the beautiful Sunday and Monday's holiday!
I'm sooo gonna enjoy mine tmr, meeting Vonne and catching 'Source Code'!

g s i a n g , i l o v e R E D

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