Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beautiful night under the Kites

Night picnic is sooo much nicer. 
Cooler weather, lesser crowd, nice LED kites.
Con, I don't have LED kite, so can't see clearly if I fly my kite...

First thing after placing our mat, start the fondue set! :)

I love Picnic!
Steamed hotdogs, Chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, apple, grapes, Sushi & Potato chips
Isn't this great?

Retard face, because i'm too hungry. Picnic food = Dinner @11 plus pm !!!

Miss Lim & Mr Seet! They are salmon sushi lovers! Hahaha!
Anw, steamed hotdogs were made by Singyee & taste super yummy! :)

I just couldn't let go of the box of sushi in my hands! I think I ate most of them!

Where is Jiaqi???
She was damn absorbed into taking photos on that night. 90% of the photos were taken by her!
See see.... all the below photos taken by her!

I think MBS is like the most amazing building in Singapore for now.
Awesome thing.

Jiaqi's "Mr. Mcdonald's shoes"- her Dr. Martens shoes

Ok, there she is!!! She's back taking photo with us!

Going fly k i t e e e e e e .

Cute & Huge Winnie The Pooh kite.

Ok, shall end of with this last photo with Singyee's funny expression, thou I can't rmb what we were doing or talking about back then.

Goodnight people.

Life is really getting real bored here.
I've got 4 free days & I feel that I should totally go for a short getaway like Bintan or Batam!
Yet, I'm stucked here struggling with money for my going-to-be-AWESOME Taiwan trip coming July!
Anyway, I'm getting real excited about it bcos I'm going in last than 2 months time! :)
I'll be damn excited to share my trip with you people for sure!
Ok, if talking about Taiwan I can go on non-stop........ I think I should stop.

Gonna complete my last 10% of Taiwan research!


g s i a n g , I ' m c r a z y o v e r  T W

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