Monday, May 09, 2011

Lynette's Post 21st Birthday

Good Friday was already like 3 weeks ago?!
Anw, as promised I'll share what I did on Good Friday so here you go!

Lynette's Post 21st Birthday
she is actually 22! trying to act like 21! hahaha :)

Birthday is always good and fun! Nobody will ever say 'NO' to presents!
To me, the number of people, the place doesn't really matter. It's the real friends who came over to the party and wishing you sincerely that matters. Birthdays just reminds me of that 'monster'?! in Singyee's phone! Hahaha! :)

Anw, so Lynette being the host and busy throughout the night, we just kept ourselves entertained by camwhoring...

Finally the birthday girl had some time to take photos with us before cutting cake.

Huifen insisted on taking photos for me & Chris... This is like the only photo I can have it in colour without much editing. The rest above are kinda ugly in colour, so black & white seems better?!

'Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you~~!'

After that, played Monopoly Deal with some of Lynette's friends.

Huifen & this cute little boy! Lynette's godmother's daughter's son if I'm not wrong.
He's cute! :) Ok, I'm more biased towards boy!

We are the early birds AND also the late birds! Late birds as in last to leave! Hahaha! :)
First to come but last to go.
When almost everyone left, we took more photos with Lynette!

Lynette's talented mum still gave us an Easter present! Her mum folded the box which I think it's really not easy to do one...

Shall end of with the polariods taken that day. I gave each of them one to keep it as memory, that's why many similar kind of photos/post.

I think I'm not owing any post for now.
However, I've a post in mind which I feel like doing but..... shall see my mood uh?!
Thanks to Polling Day and I've got no work for tmr if not I've to be on bed by this time.
Tmr shall spend my day watching Taiwan to Korea dramas, shiok! :)


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