Saturday, March 26, 2011

A little

Recently met up with Huifen & Lynette. We have not met them for like months, so took quite a bit of photos and definitely it was an enjoyable night. I'm gonna update about it asap after I've got the photos.

Thanks to Yvonne, I've been crazily watching this Korean drama that had been out for quite some time.
Prosecutor Princess.
OMG, it's another awesome drama. Today I'm kinda lazy to upload photos and talk much abt it.
Nice song from nice drama, so you should know where my blog song came from...
I'm so inspired to get that French manicure with yellow tips after watching the drama.


I'm gonna go out and get the necessary tools and nail polish colour for it! I'm soooo excited, hope I'm able to do it by myself if not gonna go for manicure.
Make up remover also finished. Time to get a new one, so I guess tmr gonna spend quite a bit on stuff. But, luckily my pay came in time, in fact it came in earlier by 3 days! Happy much! :)

I'm kinda bored so decided to blog, but looking at the time now..... 2.31 am, I think it's time to have a mask and sleep.

g s i a n g , B o r e d

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