Monday, November 09, 2009

Omg! I just reached hm like abt an hr. And bathed finish, sad thing: GOT TO DO MY STUDIO!
Damn it la. Sean is like super last min! Today then know that he going on leave agn until like 16nov! And gonna die on the coming presentation lo...... Model, tonight& tmr!!!
Ystd, Sat
Went to Fify's hse to bake cornflakes stuff for fund raising! So FUN!!! Hahahah:) Make a mess in F's kitchen & really got to thanks her mum for treating the nice pasta!!! And after all the things were baked, we had 4rounds of Monopoly deal cards! Rayne is forever the Loser & Kaser is forever Broke, without property! Hahahaha:) I'm rich and filled with property! I hope my future life gonna be in that way!
I worked the longest hrs for my whole life in a day! I worked for 14hrs!!! Is like more than half a day plus the previous night I slp like 5plus hrs only! But is also the most amt I earned in a day! Like 130$!!! Whoohoo! Plus free food and cab hm! But my legs are effing tired....
The people who bought stuff today are like crazy! Is like sales to them la... Like all don't need money like that. Then buy and buy, snatch and snatch... All bcome super Auntie! I just keep on collect money..... Hahahaha:) All the clothes in a mess... diff prices clothes just mix together. All in huge mountains of clothes! And I packed 3times... 3times all get messy agn!..... But at least I earn some money.... Gonna save it! Yes!
Worse of all is still need to do studio... What a sucky night!
Okays, that's all. I got to get start with my work!
gsiang. IearnMoney, tmr is my love day!

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