Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday is Love, cos it is a show day for me! Hahahah:) Reached hm after sch, can't wait and faster watch 下一站幸福EP5. This week ep still okays, like some parts quite sad. Nx week ep also nice bah. I think this is really a nice show!!!

安以轩 is so pretty and the little boy is so cute! Nx time I got baby boy must cut that kind of hair for him! Hahahah:)
Followed after was 海派甜心EP1, which is a super funny show! Casted by Rainie Yang & Show Luo! I love 达朗!!! Hahahah:) Such a cute character! This show worth watching also!

达朗!!! Hahahah:) I am so gonna put that as my desktop background! Hahaha:)
Still got 桃花小妹 which I'm gonna watch that tmr night if I have the time!!!
Enough of shows....
So today went sch, see Sean and tell him the progress for my studio!
I think damn lost la.. I don't know what I am doing also! Driving me nuts! And I gonna do fast mockup to show him and faster come out with some design bah! Wed need to show him agn!
Tmr got Firmenich but hope I got time to do studio in class!
That's all for today. Gonna have a early night!
gsiang. ilovethe cute达朗!

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