Sunday, November 22, 2009

Neglected my blog for effing long. But recently got pics, so decided to blog.
Friday, 20nov
Huifen's 19th Bday
We had a mini celebration in class for her. We prepared the most suitable cake for her! STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE! Hahahah:) And she thought that's all for her bday?!?!? Nonono!
More to come at night.....

Nirit is effing scary, she is smiling at the back!

Birthday mess on her face! But this yr no bleeding!

At night....
After Huifen left with her bf, we head to East Coast Park to do all the preparation surprise that her bf plan.
Blowing of balloons, Breaking of lightsticks, Lighting up cakes....

The heart shape which spend us quite a bit of time to get the shape right.

Soon Karen, Ah Ma, Kaser came and we started playing ard while waiting for Huifen and her bf to come. My leg is in the sand!!! Hahahah:)

When we were still playing and laughing happily, suddenly Huifen's bf walk over and we were just too loud laughing so Huifen guess we were there already. But she was still surprise, she didn't know we were there until she heard us laughing. All suddenly panick to light up the cake.

The adidas jacket which we gave her and it's couple jacket with her bf!
Cute photo album her bf gave her
Swaroski necklace from her bf as well.
A sweet hug to replace the kiss that we requested! Hahahah:)

After the surprise, we walked to the hawker to have our dinner.
Lala, Gonggong, Stingray, Satay, Chicken Wings, Hokkien mee, Char Quay Tiao, Sugar canned drinks!!!
Then cabbed hm.... Surprise Mission, SUCCESS!!!
Saturday, 21nov
Met Vonne and went to Orchard to shop.
I seriously didn't plan to buy anything. Cos I bought quite a lot last week and I don't have much money left. In the end still bought a shirt from Dorothy Perkins. Damn it! But I like that top!
Had teppan yaki for dinner at Wisma foodcourt. Damn shiok cos very long nv eat le, at least one yr bah.
Then go hm, cos a bit tired. But had a great day chatting and shopping too. Perhaps we shld shop when I have more money. And I really like this topshop long sleeves tee, it's like 49$. It's a bit over price for me la. Or else I will buy!
Sunday, today.
I stayed at hm today, initially I had to work but luckily don't need so can rest but tmr still need to work instead of Wednesday. Today received a very good gift from my childhood friend cum Genting mate, Alison. She gave me my belated bday present. It's a waterproof camera! Hahahah:) Nx time can bring out to take pics! Even in water also can take! Shiok! Can use it during normal days also! All goes by normal film! Thanks, Alison. We shld really meet up soon.
Then had dinner with bro and mum at market there and now back online.
Gonna think of some ideas for studio! Going to drive me crazy soon plus flood with comm skills work as well! Save me!
I think this post is long enough, so that's all for now and I don't know when will it be the next time I'll be blogging agn.
gsiang, gonna have an early night.

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