Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today is like de javu. Such familiar scene and yet experencing it again! Damn.
Larry crushed my model, squashed it, tear it! It's just like what Rostina did to my model in year1! It's such an insult to my work okays. I know it's not good but I'm trying okay. I trying to come out with something! I'm just stucked! Maybe you really think it's nothing but as a lecturer try to say something to encourage us la. Why like that depressed us sia.... It's the first time I feel that I'm damn jialat and I feel that for the past abt 7 months I have not did anything for my FYP la... Now then I'm going to explore, research on CONTRACTION! Fuck CONTRACTION! I'm so starting to hate this contraction word! I don't know how to go abt doing it and yet left with no choice but just to do it! I fucking hate that torn piece of model on my table, don't wish to see it agn! I'm gonna throw it on Tuesday! Seriously feel like giving up la.... I totally lost this time. After hearing what Larry and Sean say, I still got to encourage myself and continue to do it! Fuck la... I this time really hate FYP, wanna do something good yet turns out so badly. CRITISE SO BADLY BY THEM! HOW??!!? A is drifting away and it's nv gonna be mine any day! I might not even pass for FYP! How, pls save me! So helpless! Totally moodless today. Forget it!!! Luckily today go gym, such a good place to let me sweat and release all my anger! Hahaha:)
When running on treadmill, I was like cursing, 'FUCK STUDIO!' Hahahah:) Then did a lot of stretching exercises. And guess what?!?! 2 days ago I just went gym I was like 63. something kg. Then today... I weigh like 61.9!!!! Hahahah:) Yes! Slim a little! Hahahaha:) And Fify also slim down by 1kg! And we must say no to waffle! Without waffle & bubble tea, Fify we can slim down! Hahahah:) I WANT TO BE SIZE 10! Hahahah:) This is the happiest thing of my whole sucky dday bah.
Then on the way home bought Subway, cold cut trio sandwich for dinner!!! Whoohoo! So long nv eat cold cut trio! Shiok! Plus one Vitagen and some fruits is my dinner le! Hahahah:) Eat healthy!
Okays, I think that's all for my day filled with anger and sadness la!!! Hahahah:)
Now okays le! Perfectly fine!
Tmr still need to work! Money! Yeah! Savings!
Bye people and today is such a crazy day posting all these fucking feelings out.
gsiang. whatafuckedup day i had.

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