Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Friday the 13th!!!

I just got to say that I believe Friday the 13th really brings bad luck to one.
Today's happening just made me feel like blogging out!

I'm the 4th to reach school today and super suay stuff start happening!
Me, Fify and Rayne started playing bejeweled and we battled!!! Hahahaha:) And when we turned the vol damn loud and starting 'PIANG PIANG PIANG....' then, Mario tapped on my shoulder!!! SHOCKED, close that damn fb window. AND HE BLACKLISTED US!!! hahahah:)
He wrote down our names, fucking suay. And doesn't he even have the brains to know that WEIQIANG is a guy's name??! Just bcos I was sitting at WQ's table and he thought I'm WQ! How is it possible sia! Then I went out to tell him! Such a honest student I am!
But what I'm fcuking pissed off is.... Can't he just use his eyes to see that my class there is like only 4 pathetic ppl!!! And there the 3 of us get caught! Fucking stupid can, like caught for bejewelling in sch!?!?! Hahahah:) It's ok.....
Then... what adds on to my suayness is....
On the way back from the toilet, I was cursing the school like a bit loud and still say that 'Since sch don't allow us play games, then we just go eat.......' when I wanted to say 'BUFFET' and I saw Mario at the lift!!! And he is looking at us so high chance of him hearing me cursing the school! Damn it!!!
That's not the end of suayness, yet there is more to come.
We wanted to go for Nihon Mura buffet, in the end the buffet promo already ended like weeks ago!
Wanted to take cab to Amk. Initially taxi stand got ppl waiting and no cab came in, so we walked to the front to flag a cab. But.... first few cabs all just went pass us when it is EMPTY!!! And we looked at the taxi stand after that... nobody is queuing and there is cab there! Suay to max!
Go Amk eat Suki Sushi, suayness follow us! FULLHOUSE, making us got to squeeze 7ppl to 6seats.
Fify's toufu sauce spilled, my gyoza dropped into sauce, Huifen vomit after eating.....

So do you believe in Friday the 13th is a bad luck day now?! I guess I got to believe it!
Luckily it's finally over now!

Initial plan for tonight was to go town to shop but have to rush for Firmenich so too bad! Just got to stay in sch a bit later than usual and me, Huifen, Chris and Fify came over to like Bishan here to eat Prata!!!! It's been really a long time since I last ate! Shiok and it's Fify's first time! I bet Fify will come back for more. And sleepover one day pls.... Shld be damn fun and endless talking!
That's it for today.

And I have decided to get that Peach Pore Serum from Skinfood! Hopefully it can really cure my pore problem..... Getting tired. Shall go slp soon! Bye people.
gsiang. Skinfood is love.
*Super long and wordy post*

Oh ya, at last! WELCOME BACK MY DEAREST CLASSMATES!!! Hahahah:) A series of places to have nice food are lined up! Chomp chomp, Aston's, Subway and many more! Our class will doubled up the noise level! Hahahaha:)

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