Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I seriously hate washing dishes:(
I don't mind washing it only if I have glooves.
I so hate touching those oily stuff! Making my hands dry! Disgusting.
But sad to say that today my dad ask me to wash the dishes! So just got to wash them.
Anyway, today supposingly to be a short day for all of us. But in the end Rostina like bad mood la. Then vent her anger on us.. So making us stay all the way till 6pm then leave. Like wtf la:(
And then we got to make so many changes to what we have already done or FINISHED! Might as well just use the Weoi Ming's design. His one is like the best and most completed one. Sian lo.
So ended at 6pm, then after that went for running. Wanted to run at YCK Stadium but turns out to be a lot of people. So walked back to NYP Stadium to run. Didn't run for very long la. Hahah. As usual, at the third round, I'm being to get tired and can't catch my breath already:( I shld prepare myself for nx yr 2.4km run!!! I'm really a lousy runner but trying to be a better one:)
So another thing happen when I was waiting for my bus...
This old man walked to me and asked me to give him 2$. And I'm already quite broke for this week. But no matter what I still won't give him the money. Cos' he got hands, got legs, somemore all are still working perfectly fine okays! I don't find a reason why he can't go and work to support himself rather than asking people for money. Then he asked a few people, all nv give. Until I saw this uncle give him 2$ lo! Wth sia... I won't pity this kind of people de lo.
And I won't donate money to those little girls esp AhLian, charity things like sell pens!!! All cheat money de! Seriously, I think there are other jobs around which they can work rather than that...
That's abt it for the day and tmr no need go back to sch! Whoohoo!
Now going to watch some shows! Bye people:)
gsiang. AndIhateWashingDishes:(

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