Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GISIANGis back:)
I'm back from Malacca. It's quite a fun trip, visiting a lot of museums in these 3 days and first time saw our class so enthu in going museum as well. Most memorable one shld be the Peranakan Museum which is used to shoot the Little Nonya and the Ship museum for me! Nice:)
I only upload all the pictures in my camera cos I think the rest will be uploaded on Facebook and their blog. And I feel like wanting to faster get those picture shoot by Lisa one, cos her's is a DSLR, shld have quite a lot of nice pictures. And I also really really want pictures from Fify Slut!
Got boiling hot & interesting pictures in her camera!
See pictures and say what we have did these few days...
Things I have bought
3 Bags
1 Coin Pouch
1 Shoes
4 Bands/Braclets
1 Necklace
1 Nail Polish
Excluding food stuffs that I bought!

This is the Ship Museum which I find it nice! Nice to take pictures! I forgot to take the overall of the whole ship cos I used my Holga to take already.
So this is what you can see when you are on the ship..

Very steep staircases!!! Danger to the max! And there is another one which is super steep and high.
This is something like the overall of the whole Ship Museum, but this is just a model!
That is like for the last day and these museum we went on our own, nobody force us to go! Hahah:)
Then second daywent to Jonker Street, a really vintage street...
That is the place you shld go if you are looking for childhood toys and antique... And that is where the Peranakan museum is located.
Some other scenery & we also went to other museum before going Jonker Street.

This model is nice lo! Handmade somemore. Can't imagine the time they spent doing it...

This is another cool place for taking pictures.
It's really high up, we climb a lot of stairs before we reach up this high. Plus, the weather is super hot!
This is funny la... See Lisa face. Actually beside her got a 'Bangala' affecting her picture.
Shaky ladder! Stacked!
See Yvonne action! So big and funny!

They also got the revolving tower thing at Malacca..
See... we really climb and see the weather!
This is at another museum. Mine so feminine... see Fify!!

So this is the place we went in... And needs us to remove our slippers, can't wear it inside. And this is not the only musuem that do this. Quite a few of those museums we went can't wear slippers.

We asked some guy to help us draw these cartoon version of us! I think the guy really pro at writing those names. He didn't draw one aphabet by one aphabet. He draw half side of all the alphabets!!! Then draw the other side. I think don't really look alike but it's cute! Hahah:)

Huifen & Pig
Ah Ma with walking stick!
Me with TV
Daydreaming Chris.
Only 4 of us have this.. Know why?!! Cos when we were drawing this, the rest of the people already went to the Flea Market which is only open that night &&&& WE MISSED IT!!! It's all bcos of my stupid phone or the line. They were looking for us, calling us but the line just can't get thru. By the time I can reached them, the place is closing.. And we just went back hotel and is not even our room. Cos we don't have the keys.. That makes a end to the first night.
Hotel Conditions!!!
Yellow / Brown water!!! EEEEKK! In the end, luckily it was okay, or else I really don't know how we bathe!
Huifen & Siti's toilet
Our toilet
Fify & My Bedroom
Masterbed Room for Huifen & Siti
Living Room
Dining Table
I got to say abt this stairs or ramp!!! Is really a bad design. The height of steps are not consistent due to the ramp... And Pearl almost fell down!
A Botak tree!!!
The hotel own exhibition of very vintage stuffs!
See, old player!
This is like a basin right, then you rub ur palm against the handles then the water will like vibrate and create ripples! I tried and I can't do it, just don't know why.
Here are all the different kind of locks! All really heavy and bulky. But the people in ancient days really got very good brain! There is those locks that you put there, you will nv know how to open it. Somemore got those 1lock but 3keys must be used to open! The locks are really cool!

So, that's abt it! In between got a lot of shopping also! Then every night before we slp, we got a mini gossip session in our room la! Hahah:) Joke sia! The hotel got nice porridge in the morning. But I didn't ate really very nice food in Malacca. Ate Peranakan food, not bad and it's quite similar to our normal Chinese food! Nice trip! But now I'm really tired...Blog until tired. Bye!

gsiang. andilove Melaka:)

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