Friday, May 24, 2013

TAIWAN January2013, Day07

I'm finally down to the last day of my Taiwan trip!

I guessed the last day was good for everyone because our parents got to shop on their own around Ximending and even managed to get something they liked and ate yummy food too!
Whereas for the young us, we went to Jay Chou's new tofu restaurant- 藤原豆腐 (Fujiwara Tofu Shop)
The place was a little hard to find as the signage was not prominent.
From the name of the shop, you can easily tell the theme of the shop is from Initial D.

TADAH! The legendary AE86 parked right INSIDE the shop!!!

Attention was even given to small details like the lightings.

Side dishes which comes with the meal and that's a milk tea!

豆腐乳風海鮮味豆腐 Fermented Bean Curd Seafood Salad
The serving was soooo huge!

醬香干貝培根串 BBQ Scallop wrapped with Bacon

Mentaiko Fried Fish! OMG!!! So damn yummy!

Check out the size of it! It's twice the length of a Samsung Note!
Crazily huge!

藤原風豬排大阪燒 Pork Cutlet Okonomiyaki
Brother ordered this cos he wanted the car shaped rice! -_-

AE86鮭魚飯糰 Salmon Rice Ball
It's in a car shaped, so cuteee!

藤原家爆漿豬排蓋飯 Pork Cutlet with Rice
You may think it looks normal on the outside but check out the next photo!

BOMB!!! All the sauce oozed out from the pork cutlet! Really 爆漿!

Lastly, of course we took a photo with AE86 before leaving but sadly not a very well taken photo!

We met up with our parents and headed to National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine 忠烈祠.

It was just nice when we reached it was time to change the guards.

Smart looking guard. 
It must be super tiring to stand like this and not moving for half an hour.

It was close to 5pm which is the last round of changing of guards therefore we were unable to go inside to have a look. All we could do was to walk around at the outdoor area and we waited for the last round of marching.

Papa , Mama & Me .

Here's the last marching for that day.

Really neat marching!

We moved on to the last night market for this Taiwan Trip! 
It's my first time here at the new location after they moved.

Spotted 豪大大鸡排 right at the side of the entrance!
Of course we grabbed a chicken cutlet before moving on...

This prawning stall caught our attention and we played 2 rounds before hunting for food.
It was really not that easy to do it but definitely fun!

Smelly Tofu! 
Not that smelly for this and much better than the one I had during my first trip to Taiwan.
I really like how crispy it is on the outside.

Tempura aka 天婦羅 in Taiwan!
To me, it basically just taste like fishcake...

I can't believe I didn't had shaved ice when I was there during Summer yet I'm having it during Winter.
Oh gosh... I'm definitely going back for more of these!!! Too good!

We actually went back to the stall and asked for more condensed milk when we're halfway done with it.

Irresistible Mango Shaved Ice with lots of condensed milk!!! 
Missing this right now!

Keep seeing this little crabs selling around so bought one small plates to try.
It was very crispy and nice! They actually top it off with salt & pepper so it doesn't taste bland.

My two brothers who are beef lovers had steak again....
But this was really good! If I wasn't that full, I might have ordered one for myself.
It only cost NT250 for one plate! So damn cheap!!!
The steak was really soft and I like it a lot! (P.S. I tried my brother's food la..)

Coffin Shaped Bread 棺材板 !
My first time trying this and it was very unique.
It is actually thick deep-fried toast that’s cut into four pieces at the top where all ingredients is buried within it. And you can choose the ingredients you like.

We stopped by this shop to have a bowl of pork ribs soup because we were missing the ones from Raohe!

Small Bun in Big Bun 大餅包小餅
The name might sound funny because that's the direct translation.
What it really is, small crunchy and crispy bun will be smashed and wrapped by popiah skin!
The flavours can be sweet or savory.

Very grumpy lady smashing the bun. What a great way to de-stress huh?

This is not the best stall to have 大腸包小腸.
Other places definitely has better ones! 
BUT.... the gigantic sausage was nice!

Yeah! This is the gigantic sausage I'm talking about!

The parents went back to hotel first to do the packing and stuff.
The night was still young for the youngsters like us!!! Hahaha! :)
We spent a crazy amount playing Mahjong Bingo and lastly ending the night with prawning again!
The games were too addictive!

That's my younger bro! The prawning pro! He caught so many of it and we brought back 15 prawns and enjoyed it in the hotel before we sleep!

Yep! So this concludes my 8 days Taiwan trip in January!
No pictures for last day as we came back in the morning.
Enjoyed this trip a lot because explored many different places I've never been to.
I'm still missing Taiwan food a lot....!

Anyway, next up will be my Tokyo trip! :)


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