Saturday, May 18, 2013

TAIWAN January2013, Day06

Second and also the last day in Taichung.

As mentioned in previous post, here's a photo of the theme for another level in the hotel.

There's a restaurant that served breakfast at the Basement!
Something different from Ximending branch. 

My breakfast! Not super delicious but since it's free so shall not complaint too much!

While waiting for the bus to bring us to Sun Moon Lake!

After an hour or so of bus journey, we finally reached Sun Moon Lake!!!


Beautiful place!


Noisy parrot!

Nice photo of my brother's jump shot!

Some morning exercise for all of us!

Our target is that white building which is the place to take cable car!
So much walking in the early morning...

Check out the scenery! 

My mum was a joke when she's on the cable car because she was so afraid and hold on to the seats!!! Wahahaha!

Papa & I

Sun Moon Lake is really a nice place!

Bought something to snack on before we head back to Taipei....

Love these snacks which can't be found in Singapore! So yummy!

We ended our short trip to Taichung just like this.
A very short but nice trip! Enjoyed myself at Taichung! :)

Bye Taichung! :(

We reached Taipei around evening and spent the night at Shida Night Market!

Grabbed some bun before we had our dinner.
Their Pork Bun (first on the menu) was really good. Bun was super soft.
I wouldn't recommend their 馒头 because it's quite tasteless.

Dinner at Bull King.

We can easily get really cheap steak in Taiwan!

I shared this with my mum so we can have more snacks later.

Super yummy polo bun!!!

The simplest looking thing might taste the best!

Had beancurd with pearl while waiting for the crepes to be done!

It's my second time have this crepes and I think it's not the best crepes, just normal.

Bought a super unappealing crepes for my younger brother who stayed in the hotel to sleep!!! Zzz...

I love crepes with ice cream but sadly the quality of the ice cream isn't really great.

That's the end of Day 06 and gonna blog on the last day very soon!
I've so much stuff to blog about. I've months of braces update to be done and latest event will definitely be my Tokyo Trip which I just came back 2 days ago.

Bye for now! 

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