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TAIWAN January2013, Day05

Day 5 and 6 were sooooo exciting because we went 

It was my first time taking High Speed Rail (HSR).
also missing the train for the first time! Zzz...
We bought the tickets before heading there so my bro decided to collect the tickets and meet us at the station. However, we did not know there are so many different entrance to HSR so we ended up missing the train as we couldn't meet up in time to catch the train.
Ohhh gosh!... But we were lucky enough to change the ticket to the next timing.

So here's how the train looks like. It's really clean and spacious!

My parents!

My younger bro & me!

Some scenery before I fell asleep!

It was a short journey of 45 mins.

Feels somewhat like airport! :)

I saw Carton King before I went there however I didn't know it was located at the train station.
But I think there is another outlet somewhere in Taichung.
I was so excited! Everything seems so cute cos it's made up of carton!!!
Even the tables and chair which you can sit on it!

Soooo cute! Thank god I didn't spoilt it or anything! Hahaha :)

We had to take another train to Taichung!

The gantry is soooo small!

16 degree plus the wind was ultimate!

Very small ticket!

TRA is really old as compared to HSR!

Stayed at CityInn again! But Taichung branch! Hahaha :)
I'm a fan of CityInn! It's just 5 mins of walking from Taichung Station.
However, it's not close to FengJia Night Market but since we are there for a night only so it's fine.

Love the lobby at Taichung branch! Super nice & cozy interior!
It wasn't time for us to check in so we left our luggage and went for lunch!

Lunch at Banana New Paradise, 香蕉新樂園
A very nostalgic place! Check out the photos below!

I ordered some noodle which taste super blend. Not yum at all.
The rest of the food were mediocre.

A very spooky feeling room which I left immediately after taking this photo! Hahaha! :)

This is how the old ticketing counter looks like.

This is right outside the shop.

Inside of the train were some display of old graphics and models of trains & some buildings.

Time to check in!!!
The corridor of the hotel is so cool.
They actually have a different theme for each level.
I'll show picture of another level on Day 06 post.

The basketball hoop was an obstruction for both my brothers because they are so tall and keep knocking onto it! Hahaha :)

I love the toilet!!!

I brought my phone in the bathroom to use while soaking in the bathtub!

And they even had a separate shower area which I used after soaking!

And I love this part of the room! 

Shortly after, we went out to the nearby shopping mall to walk around since we still have some time before the night market starts.

I went Cosmed to purchase more cotton wool!!! Hahaha! :)
Love Cosmed cotton wool and I've a whole lot of them at home now!

Night falls and it's FengJia Night Market time!
Oh gosh... I was soooo looking forward to visit this night market!

We tried all the highly recommended food!
First was lazy prawn. It was called lazy prawn because they grilled the prawn with the shell and it's so crispy that you can just eat it with the shell and head!
I don't really like it but my elder bro loved it!

Love the wide streets! :)
There were so many apparel shops and yummy food for us to check it out!

This was a really random stall which we decided to try and turn out to be damn AWESOME!
Trust me, this thing is Amazing! Really got the WOW factor!

The fruits were dipped into sugar syrup and wrapped with a thin edible paper-like wrapping ( the one from White Rabbit candy's)
You will think that sounds normal but when we had it, all of us were surprised by the taste!

I love this Cheese Chicken Cutlet! OMGGGGGG! So damn good please!
I only had a mouth and went to get something else, then my brother finished it! Zzz..

Please see the cheese which is oozing out!!! So tasty!

Another food with long queue....

I was amazed by how popular it is. 
I actually saw a dustbin filled with these boxes!!! The amount was crazy!

Saw my favourite scallop shop and of course I bought it again!

A very interesting shop selling burger with a bear paw shaped bun!

You can choose the meat - chicken, fish or pork.
The sauce - Signature, Wasabi, Mushroom, Black Pepper and etc ...
The flavour of the bun - Milk, Brown Sugar, Oat or Yam.

Here's all the different flavours Bear Paw shaped bun! So cuteeee! :)

Our milk paw bun with chicken and signature sauce!
We didn't want to be too adventurous with the choice since it's our first time trying it!
And, it was good! The bun was soooo soft!

Another famous stall!

Check out the queue! It's really long.
My verdict would be, the glutinous rice was good, very crispy on the outside.
However the sausage was so-so but overall it's still considered good cos I've tasted really bad ones.

That marked the end of the first day in Taichung and I really love this place!
The night market was damn awesome.
So huge with soooooo much delicious food which I never had in Taipei and there are clothes, bags and shoes shops all around!
I'm definitely come back to Taichung the next time I visit Taiwan!

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