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TAIWAN January2013, Day04

Day FOUR! We are halfway through the trip!

A day which we travelled slightly out of Taipei and up the mountains!
We booked a car and driver to bring us around.
This time round, I went to places which I've never went during my first trip.

First Stop: Jingtong
A small and old town famous for writing wishes on bamboo and hanging it.

Everyone love taking photos at railway track, so do I.

Here's me and my two brothers! :)

See! The hut is filled with bamboo wishes!

The different string colours representing different kind of wishes.

The length seems to varies as well because my younger bro got a really short one! 

Our wishes. Elder bro, Younger bro, Mine and SX.
See my younger bro one is really short! So cute! :)

My wish is a known wish among all my friends. Hahaha! I'm still waiting for it to come true...

My mum saw us doing this and she joined in!!! :)

These dumpling taste great but it might be because of the super cold weather. Having something hot/warm during cold weather definitely make it taste better!

Second Stop: Shifen
Without any further introduction, everyone should know this place is very popular for putting sky lantern.

Train is coming....

Very cute drawings on sky lanterns! Quite innovative! :)

Preparing our sky lantern...

My dad has the nicest handwriting so shall let him do most of it.

Ok... bro joined in... since his handwriting so ugly and....

I joined in too!!! Hahaha. I only wrote one word! Zzz...

All sorts of sky lanterns keychains!

The shop assistant is definitely a pro in taking photos for you!

It's SX's family turn!

Super duper vintage store. Luckily my fingers were quick enough to capture this photo before the uncle stopped me! Hehehe!

We went a little further down to Shifen Waterfall.

Sadly, the bridge was under renovation so couldn't see the waterfall.

The guys never gave up still dare to walk on the bridge which is sort of under renovation.
Scary cat me just stand and wait for them to come back after verifying that we can't head over to the end.

The most interesting and probably dangerous ride I ever had.
This is when we were on the way up to Jiufen and because it's up in the mountain, the weather was very foggy. The road in front of us was so blur and I couldn't imagine how the driver managed to drive on.

This was the worst! Seriously, can you drive in such weather?!

Third Stop: Jiufen
This is what we see after alighting the car! Crazily cold weather!

Keeping ourselves warm with a bowl of beef noodles!

Milk Bottle drinks!

Mochi shop!

New shop in Jiufen!

It seems like the popular thing here is this pumpkin puff pastry!
It was cold and soft pumpkin paste in this flaky puff. Not too bad.

Interesting flute which comes in different shapes!

It supposed to be calamari but somewhat closer to fishcake instead.
But still yummy no matter what!

Most yummy yam ball! So many people are into Blackball in SG, but they should try this. This is so much better than Blackball! The yam balls are so Q and soft!
I tried the warm one this time round but I love the cold one (with ice) sooooo much better!

What happen to the beautiful scenery which I saw during my last visit?!
So foggy that we can't see much....


Fourth Stop: Keelung Night Market
This is also the last stop for Day 04. 
It's so easy to recognize Keelung Night Market because of the two rows of lighted lanterns!

Candid shot of my bro and SX!

It was rainy and we decided to pack the food back to hotel.
Meanwhile, we have the folks resting at Mcdonald's while we do the take away.

This night market was filled with seafood. We saw crabs everywhere!!!

We decided to stop for at this dessert place to have something before we carry on to search for all the yummy food!

See the large glowing balls?
These are 包心粉圆! They are super amazingly nice!
It's something like red bean wrapped with pearl!

Red bean, Barley, Grass Jelly, Pearl with Ice and milk! Too YUMS!

Super famous curry noodles!

Check out the queue! We waited for quite a long time for it. At least 30 mins I guess?

While SX was queueing for the curry noodles, I went to get curry fishballs to share with her!

Very popular shaved ice in Keelung Night Market.
You will be shocked to see the amount of people having this despite of the cold weather.
When my bro was done with the take away, he also came with a cup of shave ice.

Quite yummy but not as good as the black pig sausage from Dansui!

Nutritious Sandwich.
It might be nutritious and yummy but not very healthy since the bun is fried!

Egg, Ham, Fruits, lots of mayonnaise!!!

This is how the sandwich looks like! It's yummy!!! :)


The long queue Curry Noodles which looks soooo not appealing here!
It doesn't taste super good since the noodles became soggy.
But I believed it will taste damn good if we have it there on the spot!

Tempura. Not yummy and it's very oily.

Something like Shark Fins Soup.

Rolled kway tiao! I love this just like how much I love Platinium Food Court's Kway Chap in Bangkok! Almost similar!

Bye Keelung Night Market. 
A night market filled with all sorts of yummy food! I will definitely want to come here again!

I have another 3 posts to go to cover this whole Taiwan trip!
I need to do it fast before I head for Tokyo!!!

Today is a Saturday but feeling so damn bored at home. Oh gosh... rotting my Saturday away.

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