Sunday, September 02, 2012


August - a month filled with good food.
First, it was Karen's 24th birthday at Seafood Paradise and now...  Fify's 23rd

PS. CAFE @ Dempsey (Harding)
A place with nice ambience, A place with nice desserts.

Welcome us with a whole lot of cakes and tarts!

Indeed, very nice ambience.

Dinner menu. The food were definitely not cheap.

Pretty packed on a Friday night.

The girls as usual. 
Fify . Christina . Karen .

Me . Fennie . Rayne .

A mushroom soup to share.  
Definitely not worth trying. The soup was very bland that we had to add salt to it.

The popular one - Truffle Fries
It's my first time having truffle fries and I love it. I actually love the smell of it, like petrol!



Don't remember what are the rest...

All in all, I think the mains were not really nice.
Or maybe, not to my liking. I had the penne and it was quite hard.
The servings were very big thou so I think it would be good to share the mains and order some desserts.
Anyway, the desserts were much better! :)

Here comes the birthday song part...


Banana Mango Crumble as her birthday cake!
Recommended by my colleague and it was yummy!

After all jokes and pranks on Fify using my $10 H&M gift card, we finally gave the REAL present to her.

Most useful present to her, a KINDLE since she is such a "books" person.

D E S S E R T S  T I M E !
This fudgy brownie seems so good with the chunks of marshmallow in it.
I wanna try this the next time I'm there.

I'm shocked when I saw this TALL cake! Ohgosh... it's at least 12 cm tall!
Definitely need some friends to share this!

After choosing for quite some time, we decided on a Raspberry (if I'm not wrong) Cheesecake and Banana Cream Pie.
Please don't order the cheesecake. It was so dry and the chocolate base was so hard!

HOWEVER, you MUST order the banana cream pie!
I'm not a fan of whipped cream but this pie matched perfectly well with whipped cream!
I wanna have this again!

A group photo after having dinner.
Such a pity that Yvonne can't join us since she was sick... 

BUT no worries! Rayne being very nice and she photoshopped Yvonne into the photo!!!

That's about it!
A simple birthday celebration for Fify.
Next up will be for my birthday. 
Till then...

with love, gisiang

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