Wednesday, September 19, 2012


At least for the past 45 mins, I was trying to fix my ear piercing....
Ear infection is the easiest thing I can get. FML seriously. WHY I SO SUAY?
My left ear hole (I'm talking about earLOBE piercing here anyway) succeed during the 3rd or 4th try!
This is crazy enough & the right ear hole is currently the 5th or 6th time being pierced on!
Kindergarden, primary, secondary, poly and up until now I've been piercing my ear. Anyone can break my record?

I pierced my right ear around 2 months back and I can't believe I'm having ear infection now! 2 MONTHS AGO LEH!
I felt my ear was swollen last week and bought ear sticks over the weekend, hoping ear sticks will do a better job than the normal stud/earrings. I took it out earlier on and can't put it back! I was praying so hard to please let me put it back... This may sound ridiculous but try piercing it this many times like me and you will totally get what I'm feeling. I blamed myself of taking it out but I thought it will be better to put a ear stick. I poke until my ear bleeds. Was at the verge of giving up and IT FINALLY WENT THROUGH! Thank GOD!

Now, I hope this ear stick will not fall off and I shall not touch/remove it until months later. No itchy hands please...

Feeling so damn happy now and I can go to bed peacefully :)


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