Sunday, September 23, 2012


Back with photos of braces after second appointment!
It's quite obvious that the top row of my teeth are straighter now.
It used to be a little overlapping.
And had braces on for the bottom row too!
It was only after having braces then I realised how ugly my bottom row of teeth are!!!

Check out the pictures below!

SEE! Even the pink elastic bands are overlapping each other! 

I think this photo is very retarded, but this can show the condition of my teeth better!

I've the bottom braces on for a month now but can't see much difference. Too severe already! :(

Anyway, one of the metal piece actually came off while I was having buffet on my birthday.
So, I went back last Friday to put on the separator before putting back the metal piece AND doing the tightening on next Saturday! I should really take care of my braces. If this is going to happen every time, it will delay the whole process.... :(

That's all for Braces 02!


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Anonymous said...

Hi ! Came across your blog when I was searching for reviews on dr Stefan vas! Hope your can answer some of my enquires ! He doesn't put on the upper brackets and lower brackets together on the same month ?