Saturday, August 25, 2012

Roadhouse @Dempsey

It is always perfect to have a brunch date on a weekend, sooo... here we go!

Roadhouse serves breakfast from 9 am - 4 pm. (last order at 3.30 pm)
So no worries on waking up early to have a yummy breakfast!
It was a little difficult to find this place as it is located at the corner/end of a stretch of shops.

There are the norms like Eggs Benedict, Eggs Royale & Big Breakfast (Ultimate Breakfast they call it here).
Click HERE for Roadhouse's online breakfast menu!
Click HERE for the normal lunch/dinner menu!

The usual people who come for brunch it's always Rayne, Fify and myself.
Such a pity Fify can't join us. She missed out on these good food!!! Karen was not invited because we were getting her birthday present after brunch! Hehehe!
This time round, Fennie, Chris & Yvonne joined us.

I really need to learn how to change the setting of my camera when taking photos with strong backlight.
I did so much editing to this photo in order to see Yvonne and my face... :(

Fries - 8
Can be served cheesy or truffle, however we chose the cheesy one. I'll love to try the truffle fries the next time I'm there!
The cheesy sauce harden after leaving it for some time which we don't really like it.

Crispy Calamari -16
The calamari was a tad too hard but the smoked tabasco mayonnaise which came with it was yummy!
I might probably still want to have this because of the sauce! :)

Eggs Royale - 17

Wild Forest Mushroom & Cheese Omelette - 16

Eggs Any Style - 16
Choices of eggs with mushrooms, sausages, smoked salmon, or bacon.
This is the one with Sauteed Mushrooms.

This one is with Smoked Salmon.
And they are very generous with the amount of smoked salmon! 

I keep the BEST till the last! 


YUMMIEST pancakes I've ever eaten! 
Soft and fluffy with generous amount of strawberries and banana.
You MUST try this when you're at Roadhouse. But please share with your friends because it's super filling!

If you are looking for a place for weekend brunch, do head to Roadhouse!
It's good enough to satisfy any brunch cravings.

Anyway, MY birthday is coming! NEXT WEEK!
Ohgosh! I'm so EXCITED please! 
I'm going The Line @Shang-ri La with the girls on Wed, 29. Been wanting to try The Line since long time ago and I can finally have it!!!
Then, Tao's Restaurant with bffs on Fri, 31. Had it early this year and I'm going back for more! I miss their Rose Apple Tea!

Shall end here... Have more photos to share it here soon!

love, gisiang

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