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 D A Y   F I V E

if you haven't read on Day Four, click here.


First thing is to go Hello Kitty Sweets Restaurant!
Very unlucky us, we reached at probably around 1pm?! and we were told that the place was fully booked all the way till 5pm!!! 5pm leh! Crazy or what?!

So left with no choice, we went to shop around at the East Metro Mall which is like an underground mall.

This is how empty the place is... Taiwanese are night life people!

Please go Cosmed to get their house brand cotton pad! Super good quality! 
I brought 3 boxes back, my brother tried and said it's super good so he asked his friend who is in Taiwan to buy another 3 boxes! Somemore it cost like NT99 (SGD$4) for 540 cotton pad!

Awesome shoes shops can be found at the underground mall. This is one of them, but actually all sell the same design shoes, just like Bugis. We bought shoes at NT200 (SGD$8.60), considered cheap in Taiwan.

Yummy beef noodles recommended by my brother!

The shop offers a few award winning beef noodles, so those are the better ones. Just pick any one of those! So me and Yvonne each pick one & the soup is yummy! Thick chunk of beef!!! Love!
Plus the noodle is like ban mian, QQ!

The two beef-less people food!

Taiwanese are really more talented than SG.
Their 'street performers' are far more better than SG. There are really people sitting down, listening and watching the performance. And because they perform so well, we actually donated money!

This man below playing with his flute, however it is not just flute alone. He had background music and he will move his body together with the music!

This blind man below singing also quite nice! Is not those sing super old song one hor!...

SOGO is one of the shopping mall that I really want to go!
But seeing all the price tags in shopping malls, I decided- let's just window shop! Hahaha :)
Wanted to get something from Jill Stuart, which is not available in SG because their packaging is so nice! But really too exp plus I'm running low on cash!

Another SOGO built diagonally across the road!

AND AND AND!!! We saw AH KEN! Hahahaha :)
We know who is he but none of us remember his name.. All of us just say "the one who hang out with Nah Dou!" Hahaha :)

Ok! Finally 5 pm! It's Hello Kitty Sweets time!!! :)

Really attractive huge Hello Kitty signage and display! Love! :)

Now, see the cakes!!! MADNESS! So cute can?! 

I can just buy this as my Birthday Cake! Hahaha :)

NT650 = SGD$28, worth it or not? You decide!

The awesome people who created those beautiful cakes!

Cute Interior! Totally in love with the place! :)
There are seats at Level 2 as well but didn't had a chance to snap a photo of it!

We spent quite a long time ordering our desserts because all of us are crazily taking photos! Snap snap snap! Much more photos than what I'm showing here!

It's an expensive meal! NT300 (SGD$13) for a dessert set which comes with a main dessert, a drink and a pudding! 
We are purely paying for the environment and beauty of the dessert!

Take Away Menu!

I can't remember what we exactly ordered!
Anw, below is my cute Hello Kitty drink! It is something like milk with pudding! Taste quite nice!

Fennie's and Chris's Passion or Peach drink. Very sweet! :(

Yvonne's Chocolate Ice Blend, very safe choice.

Out of all of our main desserts, I think Chris's dessert is the best! Not too sweet, but at the same time I feel that it is pretty normal, just like a normal fruit cake...
So, the bottom one is Chris's cake!

Fennie's, ultra cute but sorry I really don't remember the taste of it! Hahaha! :)

Yvonne's Creme Brulee, not that awesome! The creme brulee is not soft enough! SG definitely has better ones!

Lastly is my dessert! Like caramel cake?! A tad too dry to my liking...

Our Hello Kitty pudding which taste really normal.

The desserts are really not fantastic, but I do have to give credits for the decorations of the dessert!
However, I feel that going there one time is enough, but I might give it a second chance to try out their main courses rather than desserts!

Check out the Hello Kitty theme toilet! :)

Every girl will definitely cam-whore in this toilet! Trust me!!!
Super pretty couch! 

I feel like a princess in this couch! Hahaha! :)

Yvonne being FA again! Promoting Fennie & Chris?!!

Next destination is to Jay Chou's apparel shop, Phantaci!
Super hard to locate this shop. Find from Day to Night! Hahaha :)
Firstly, we totally get out from the wrong MRT Station, leading to wrong exit, wrong directions.....
But anyway, it's normal because my brother can't find his way too! And worse of all, when he finally found the shop, IT'S CLOSED!!! LOL!

While we were finding Phantaci, we passed by this shop named '' so we thought might be that. So we entered and we very paiseh-ly asked, is this Jay Chou's shop?
And the sales person said 'No, is 方文山 shop'. Hey, why is 方文山 shop using Jay Chou as signage?!!

Lucky us found the shop & Fennie bought a shirt for her senior cum BF!
Support JAY!!! :) And I helped Jay Chou killed a mosquito in his shop! Wahahaha! 

This is 阿信, 五月天 shop!

Yvonne's shop! Hahahaha ! :)

Time to head back and put our stuff before continuing with our plan!

Before going back hotel, we went to the Supermarket, like SG's Cold Storage to look for plum which Fennie has been trying to find since days ago!
And surprisingly, I saw Hello Kitty Macaroni and I bought it!!! Hahaha! Got a lot other shapes macaroni too!

Showing a bit more of Ximending! :)
Anw, don't get any cardi from the shop in the middle! Because Shihlin and Shida Night Market are selling at a much cheaper price! Luckily we never get scam! Hahaha :)

Huge Party World! I think I uploaded this before?! 

Beside Party World is FE21 and between these 2 buildings is my hotel, City Inn Plus!

And only till Day 5 then we found another outlet of KOI at Ximending.

I'm still kinda regret for not trying Cafe 85 degrees! Saw reviews saying that they offers nice drinks and cakes... but we really don't have the stomach and time to try this!

Artistic area, selling many handmade or personally designed stuff!

Remember I said that it is very hard to find toilet in Taiwan?!
When I asked for toilet, we were referred to TEMPLES!!! 
Go temples to use their toilet! A bit weird right?!
台北天后宫 is the one that we went to use their toilet!

It's the super nice 大肠包小肠 mentioned in Day 1.
The ingredients are so much more and the sausage is so much nicer!
This guy damn good, because one of the night we went there at around 12plus or 1am?! He was packing up and almost all cleaned up. We asked if he still willing to sell us ONE!!! Just ONE ok! And he just make ONE for us but we feel very bad so in the end each of us bought one!!! Then more and more people came to buy from him! Hahaha! :)
Anyway, this stall is located in a small alley, just beside the Modern Toilet Restaurant!

Can you guess our next plan with the below photo??!


First, I want to say super good service because they provide the sweet for our throat!
SG have? No right?!!

Secondly, they have a controller that you can have different effects. It is not a must but it is a plus point!

Thirdly, most awesome!
The toilet which is hardest to find in Taiwan street, you can have one by yourself in your own singing cabin!!! Totally awesome!
SG have? No right??!

Touch screen monitor to choose songs!
One thing which I almost forgot; I wanted to search using han yu pin yin, but forgot Taiwanese don't use that!!! So kinda hard to find the specific song that you want.

We stupidly went on a Sunday night, so it's not very cheap but probably about same price as SG.
We sang for 4hrs with NT99 value each for about SGD$23.
With NT99 value, we can order drinks or food! 
They have a promo which you buy 2 snacks and your jug of drink will cost only NT100!!!
It's freaking cheap! NT100 =SGD$4.30 for a jug of milk tea?! And their jug is huge!

We didn't finished the jug of milk tea, didn't use up fully that NT99 each..
And, they actually provide you with plain water! Good right? 

Onion Rings!

Wedges & Sausage! Never sick of Taiwanese sausage!

Random. Our second round of loots from Sophisca!!!

Yvonne is dead! Hahahaha :)

See the jug of milk tea & the room is quite spacious for four also!

Actually when we went to Holiday KTV, we didn't know it is NT550 each. When Yvonne asked, she was 'told' NT550 for ONE ROOM! But maybe Yvonne heard wrongly la.. So we went up the room thinking it's super cheap but.......
Ok la, at least still enjoy and quite worth it! It's an experience!

The End to Day FIVE!
Probably gonna take some time uploading/blogging Day Six, since my birthday is coming in 2 weeks time!!!
Now I'm super kan chiong, because I got so many things to search and settle!
So please wait for Day Six patiently!
Anyway, today marks exactly 1 month from the day we went to Taiwan!!!
I still miss you, Taiwan! :(

g s i a n g , l o v e H e l l o K i t t y

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