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 D A Y   S I X

if you haven't read on Day Five, click here.

I'm back blogging about Taiwan Day 6! Had been busy with my 21st birthday party stuff.

To start off our day, we went to Modern Toilet Restaurant to had our lunch.
Rmb me saying that we tried to search for this restaurant and by the time we found it, it was closed?
We went back for it!
We waited for an hour before getting a seat there.
Anyway, from the name of the restaurant, you should be able to tell it is actually a toilet themed restaurant. So check out the place and food below! 

The place used basin & bath tubs as table top and toilet bowls as the seats.

Even the lights were made up of 'shit'.

You have to use a marker to write down your orders on the menu and pay at the cashier.

You can take a blue card from the cashier counter to write down some words and throw it in the bath tub or basin tables. Pretty cool!

Here comes our soup! :) And our cutlery in the yellow bag. 

Our cute drink in urinals!
We paid additional NT33 for it and we brought it back home! :)

While waiting for our food to be serve...
Where did this 'shit' came from??!! It is such a good camwhoring tool! Hahaha :)

TADAH! It is used to cover the rice for Chris & Yvonne set meal...

I love the way how the food were presented. Extremely cute!!! :)

Me and Fennie had the same, baked pasta! :)

Our side dish, Cheesesticks! :)

Lastly, all meals come with an ice cream! 
See! 'Shit' shaped ice cream!!! Hahaha :)

Before we left the place, all of us dropped a message in the bath tub!

I had never expected the food to be nice, but it was surprisingly good.
It is not as bad as what I thought and the serving is huge too!
Price is not expensive too, probably around NT300, about SGD$13 for soup, main dish, ice cream and a drink! 
Anw, the location is very hard to find. It is located in a small alley.

I had super poor memory. I can't rmb what we did in the afternoon because from the photos I had, it directly shows our next meal which is dinner time!!! OMG! It's all about food!

Anyway, what's up for dinner???
Trying spotting the sign...

TADAH! Mr J Restaurant again! But this time at another outlet.
It is a little hard to find this because it is located in one small alley again...
But you just need a little bit of time and patience to spot it. It is really worth the time traveling there to have a meal!

Mr Qute which is also opened by Jay Chou is right beside Mr J.
They are actually link within the two restaurant. Mr Qute sells only dessert however kinda disappointed with it. See below to know why...

Mr J.
I love the high ceiling and huge door.....

There is a second level sitting, however didn't take picture of it. BUT, you can see the reflection of the second level from the picture below! Hahahaha! :)

A different appearance for the menu from the other Mr J at the university.
Even the food they are selling are different too!

Fennie crazy over Jay again... 

We wanted to order pizza, but somehow we ordered a wrong one.
From the way we see it, we thought it is a skinny pizza, but turned out to be.....

Quite a unique 'pizza'! Hahaha! But anyway, luckily it doesn't taste bad. It was quite alright. *Phew*

It is the first time in my life having risotto and I'm missing it now...
Seafood Risotto, very yummy!!! :)
I conclude that I'm in love with Italian food... I love pasta and now I love risotto!

Side dish with 3 choices- Calamari, Fries and Chicken Wing.
Calamari and fries were good, but the chicken wing is way too spicy for me! :(

We shared all the food together and felt that it was not very filling so ordered a 'real' pizza! Hahaha:)
The pizza came in a thin crust and it was yummy too!!!

Through an internal opening, we went over to Mr Qute to see what dessert can we have.
Below is the only seating area for Mr Qute.

Why am I disappointed with Mr Qute?
See the below... that's all the choices! 
Major disappointment! 
They used to sell very nice fruit tarts...but now....

We just ordered two random cakes as desserts.
Nothing special for their cakes, don't bother ordering it if you go there.

Souvenirs area!

And Fennie bought the poker cards!

Cute figurine of Jay Chou! :)

In comparison of both Mr J Restaurants, without hesitating I will come to this outlet which is located near Sun Yat Sun Memorial Hall Station 國父紀念館站.
The only good thing at the university is the piano and environment which is nicer, but in terms of food, this outlet definitely offers more choices! 
I will definitely go back to this outlet when I'm going Taiwan again! :)

Shi Da Night Market 師大路夜市 after our dinner!

Selling clothes in Subway?!

See the below picture carefully...
Can you spot anything weird???

The guys on the extreme left and right are real human, not mannequin.
When I walked past, I didn't realized it until I saw people stopping in front of the shop and talking about it.
Did you spot it?

Highly raved crepes but I'm disappointed with it...

Looks yummy right?
We ordered one banana with chocolate and strawberry with something else...
But the person gave us chocolate ice cream with no banana and strawberry with whipped cream!!!
We were hoping that the banana is at the bottom but NO BANANA!
Strawberry doesn't comes with ice cream just whipped cream, BOO!
I prefer the BKK crepe at Platinium Food Court much more than this!
Perhaps the person made a mistake in our order or what, if I'm back there again, I will probably give it a try again...

As usual, we bought some food back hotel to eat and end our day...
Hope I can quickly edit the photos of Day 7 and blogged about it.
Once I'm done with Taiwan blog post will be updating about my 21st birthday party!

Bye readers, I'm going to watch my Hong Kong drama!

g s i a n g , d r a m a q u e e n

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