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 D A Y   T H R E E

if you haven't read on Day Two, click here.

According to our plan, we were supposed to head to Jiufen in the morning. However, there were changes in plan due to the hotel staff recommendation. 
We booked a cab for 6hrs which cost us NT3600 (SGD$156, near to $40 each) for a tour to Yeliu & Jiufen and end off at our last destination, Wufenpu. 

11am, head off with Mr Mountain (our cab driver cum tour guide of the day) to search for yummy breakfast.
He introduced this 蛋饼 to us, which is super duper yummy!

It is something like our roti prata, but much more crispy and with some tomato/chilli sauce! Trust me, it's super cheap and nice...! But I can never have it again cos I don't even know how to go there. It is just a random stall that Mr Mountain drove past. 

We had our breakfast in the car while on our way to Yeliu.
Before we reach Yeliu, Mr Mountain dropped us off at a random place to take photos and see the awesome scenery! Can you see such a vast & clean sea in SG? I doubt so.

We see dogs like everywhere in Taiwan. Anw, they are not stray dogs but they just came out on their own! That's what Mr Mountain told us. And Yvonne keep on ask me to take pictures of those dogs!!!

Mr Mountain became the free photographer! :)

On the way, Mr Mountain showed us people 'parachuting'. 
I don't know what is name for this activity but is something like parachuting, just that they don't jump from a plane. They jumped from a mountain! It will allow you to float in the air for about 20mins and you can even have control of the direction you wanna go but eventually land on the nearby beach!
So fun right? But it cost like freaking over SGD$100 for ONE TIME!

Yeah Yeah Yeah! We are finally here at Yeliu!

We didn't even know that we have to pay to enter the park! Luckily it was just NT50! Phew~

Scorching Sun! Umbrella, you are my bff for that day! :)

There was some performance going on at the blue area at a later timing thou not sure what kind of performance.

This is the mini/man-made Queen's Head 女王头 for photography purposes, if you don't want to queue for the real Queen's Head.

I got no idea who suggested to do this! What Cheena post?! 大家好!我是 Lulu ! Hahaha :)
Fennie's version

Chris's version

My version, which I practically just laughed it off!

And lastly Yvonne's version. 
AND.... when we asked her to take, then she keep insist that she don't want, then suddenly she post this!!! Hahaha! Nice post, Yvonne!

See the black black thing? That is all leeches if I'm not wrong! Million of it! Ewwww! :(

See that lady in pink top? Later on when we head to Jiufen, we saw her again! Damn coincidence!

Anyway there are too many of these kind of stones/structures! We are trying so hard to find and figure out which is the real Queen's head. The bottom one?! Look alike but not!

See! Damn nice view right?! Seriously when I was there, I don't really think very nice but come back see  pictures then I like 'WOW!'

Now on our way to find the real Queen's Head! :)

Ok! You got to queue in order to take photo with the Queen's Head and a very fierce security guard will be there to make sure you don't touch or do anything funny to the Queen's Head!

TADAH! The real Queen's Head!
We were all happy & satisfied! :)

We stayed there for probably one and a half hrs to two hrs.
I went there with fresh and clean makeup, dry body & I left with melted makeup, sweaty wet body!
See my cheeks area! My makeup melted....~

Advice when going Yeliu:
Bring shades, umbrella, sunblock & makeup to touch up!
I think it was freaking 38 degrees celsius on that day!

The good thing about booking a cab is because you get to rest & take a short nap while on the way to the next destination! 
Here we are at Jiufen! Another mountainous area! Jiufen is something like Genting that you will have to go round and round up the hill to get there! :)

First thing that caught my eyes was this Peanut & Ice Cream Wrap!
I saw people reviewing about it on blogs before I went Taiwan and I was thinking 'I must try this!'

The peanut is damn cool! Because it was grinded a from the big block of peanut (on the left of the above picture) & the peanut is sweet!!! 
I've been wanting to had it again when I saw it selling at Ximending, but I was snacking soooo much every night with those street food! And now I'm regretting now for not having it again!!!

I viber call with the brother on the second night and he told me to try this!
It's fried octopus with different kind of seasoning.
I wouldn't call it Calamari because it tasted more like Fishcake!!! You wouldn't know it is octopus if I didn't say.
But it's still yummy! :)

Seaweed with Mayonnaise 

Pepper & Salt

Gigantic Mushroom!

Yvonne wanted to try to this, so we just bought one to share. 

The name of it makes me thinking like juicy meatball or what. In the end, nothing!!!

Funny looking 'paint brush' used to apply the sauce!

Nothing special about it, just like meatball with a bit of sauce.

We saw this stall selling many cute owl stuff. 
Each owl has it's own meaning. Wealth, Health, Love, Career, Studies etc...

This auntie really very helpful and good! Because Yvonne, Chris & Fennie bought so many until they can't rmb which is for what and for who, so the auntie volunteer to write it down on a piece of paper & she even asked us whether want it to be in Chinese or English. Hahaha :)
There were a lot of jokes while choosing the owl but will be too long to type to down here! :)

赖阿婆芋圆 is a must try! Super famous & super nice!
It only cost NT40 (SGD$1.70) for a bowl!

All handmade! And when I was looking through the photos, then I thought of, why didn't I buy a packet of the uncooked ones back?! Stupid me!
That doesn't need to be chilled, so I can bring back SG easily!

Don't think nobody eat cos the place very empty. There are two seating areas, the other one is full and that's why we are here at this area which is quite old!

Like nothing just ice right?

See the real ingredients below the ice!
Yam ball, Pumpkin ball, Green tea ball, Red Bean....
All so Q and nice!!! I know I've been using Q to describe their food for many times, but their food really all very Q one!!! Hahaha :)

Famous staircase that everyone will take at Jiufen!

Yvonne had a photoshoot there!!! Wahahaha!

Random cave with vandalism!

How good can life be to have a cup of drink sitting at the outdoor facing the nice scenery?

Due to time constraint, we didn't had a chance to go to their 茶楼 to chill! Regrets...

See the breathtaking view!!!

I wish I can live there! And the wind and weather over there is very nice!

Cute doggy! :)

Saw the lady in pink again! Hahaha!

Quite a nice pastry shop! This is the place where we bought the 凤梨酥,太阳饼,芋泥酥.
I love the 太阳饼,芋泥酥! Although my mum and colleague said that the 太阳饼 a bit too sweet but I love the taste of it!

We went there to try, ordered through our hotel and they actually send it to our hotel!
Best service!

Time to introduce Mr Mountain!
That is his name card & it is just so funny that Mountain is his english name!
From the Mr Muscle ads, we changed it to Mr Mountain! Hahaha!
Anw, his cab is not the normal yellow cab. It is a very comfy Mercedes! 

Ended off our tour with Mr Mountain at Wufenpu.
To us, really nothing much to buy at Wufenpu. 
Maybe because we are all working and trying to find more office wear than casual wear.
And their stuff are not super cheap also. I think it's on par with Shihlin Night Market.
Few pictures of Wufenpu clothes & style.

This guy in apron is damn funny & gay when he talked! I don't even understand why he needs to wear that apron when he is just working in a shoes shop!

Please try 胡须张卤肉饭!!!
It's a street across Wufenpu only.

Don't belittle this bowl of rice!
It's awesome! The rice is soooo fat, plus the sauce... it is heavenly! 
All of us ordered a small bowl of it thinking that we will be going to Raohe Night Market as planned, but when we finished our meal, it was raining heavily and had to walk for about 15mins before reaching the night market!
So, in the end we never went to Raohe Night Market... Zzzz!
If I know we never go to Raohe Night Market, I would have ordered a big bowl of it!

Our shared side dishes! :)

So after our dinner, we cabbed back to hotel to rest and washed our clothes!

Anw, rmb me saying that we bought over NT6000 worth of mask on Day 2?
The shop is very good because once we buy anything over NT1000, they will provide free delivery to our hotel! So this is our big box of masks!!!

Fully packed!!!

See the looooooong receipt! 

All our masks and these are just the FIRST round!

These are all MINE!!! Hahaha :)

Heavy heavy! But that's not all, I still have another two boxes of it!

It's our first time using a dryer!!! All noob!

While waiting for our laundry to be done!

Free coffee from hotel!

After about 2hrs of washing and time was already 4am....
See what happened to our room!!!

All the clothes were not dried! We thought that 45mins was long enough for the dryer to dry all of our clothes but in the end when we checked with the hotel staff, they said it takes about 1-2hr to dry depending on the amount of clothes we have!
So ended up hanging clothes all around to room for it to dry!!! Hahaha :)

So, that's all for Day 3.
It's very late now, 1.15am and I need to be in bed!
Goodnight & stay tuned for Day 4!

g s i a n g , r e g r e t s & m i s s e s

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