Saturday, August 16, 2008

it has been like exactly one week since i last blog.
it was really a busy week even though studio is over. there is still unit 09 and furniture design and flip... i am so lazy to upload the pics that are taken weeks ago.
now watching the repeat for fated to love you at scv. haha:) im actually tired le. but just feel like watching!!! haha:)
current addict: download shows into my phone ...
and im going watch the show i just downloaded tmr when on the way to work! hahah:) so happy!
today had a fun day out with singyee, yvonne, qi and yinghui. crazy! esp singyee! super funny stuff! hahah:) enjoyed!
that's all for now. tmr still need to work from 1-10.30! dunno got time to do my rhino and cad stuff. hope i can find time to do it!
gonna catch my show! loves!
gisiang. andiloveSHOWS:)

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