Saturday, August 30, 2008

although it was suppose to be holiday but i was still busy over sch stuff for the past few weeks. and birthdays and stuff make me more busy! time was so tight. hahah:) thats why so long nv blog. and too much photos since the last time i blogged. so i not going to upload those pictures. just gonna upload this few days pictures.
wed went to darren birthday celebration at halo bar. it was quite fun! and there is a super funny video of darren singing 'DIAO by machi'. that is the best part. he sang for like 4times! omg! and that night nv went hm, slacked at mac till morning 6am take bus hm. SAVE MONEY! ALL DIE LIAO!

me, vonne and singyee baked cookies on tues night at singyee hse. the cookie was hard to bake. spent quite a few hrs. and in the end the cookies turn out a bit...... hahaah:) but it was edible.

could you see the word ' darren'?

after baking.....
before baking.....
that's all for wed... den reach hm abt 7am sleep till 2.30pm wake up go chalet agn!
had quite alot of fun at the chalet. haha:) surprise when the clock striked at 12!

my 18 DONUTS!!! loves :) together with the very cute CANDLE which cannot be blown away and with a additional music!!! it is the first time i knew abt this kind of candle! it was so NEW! THANKS ALOT!

making wish. and it was really the first time i dunno wad wish to make. and this time round i make one wish only! hahah:)

this 2ppl 'pai post' ... hahah. and i got to say that the guy at the back seriously look like my cousin in malaysia and is a female! hahah:)
jereen hiding behind the door... wad's up??!! hahah
room was filled with balloon! so cute! and i got to find my present! it is in one of the ballon! and i was suppose to burst every balloon. but im also scared of balloons. hahah:)

this is the clown of the day! a super funny guy!

the room was cramped!
a funny photo! cos like can only see our heads. but bo bian. is self timer den cant find other place to put my camera! hahah:)

that's abt it! but i am really happy last night! thanks to all my friends! love the surprise, love the present, love the donut, love to see the ballon, love to see you all with the party hats, love to have fun with you all, love you people! hahha:) hope all the people enjoyed! thanks to all!
thanks to all my friends who have wished me happy birthday! hugs:)
*thanks singyee for taking all this photos*
gisiang. andiamtheBIRTHDAY GIRL.

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