Thursday, October 25, 2007

ya gi... i mean ppl is like dat. But i always think that even though no matter how u hated or dislike that person, they shouldnt like say it so obviously cuz i think it will feel paiseh or the person will feel hurt. But sometime the person need to think why ppl treat her like this, izzit cuz of her character or the ways she handle the proj or stuff. I dun usually make alot of comment on this but i did talk about that but seriously i dun like to do that as in say ppl thing. But i muz admit that i did make fun of ppl la like bun or droplet blah blah and will feel frustrated when the person reach my limit even though i didn really say out to her or show out. I will only say to u hor haha. But i think we will be very boring without the sun song rite gigi... haha Hmm the mag is oct de or nov de... i forget le... i think the one u get is the latest one. Anyway 2 weeks very fast over so dun worry la k haha... FInally we finished our drawing le yeah... now is the small model wish that everything over soon...

-Karen(gigi best classmate) Haha

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