Monday, October 15, 2007


a boring day . the first day of school after a 2months holiday . happy to see my classmates again . haha :) a funny ting that happen today . there's a interesting teacher - JK . he is such a 'niang niang qiang' . OMG ! shld see the way he walk . and the way he talk , using his so called de 'jia ying' . hahaha :) karen , am i right ? had a fun time imitating him !!! and , have some photography lesson which was rather boring but at least better than those studio lessons .
sian sian sian ...
tmr gonna be another long school day for me .
shall see you karen tmr !
anyways , do have a fun time today laughing at 'CRAYON' !

' ta yang gong gong qi chuang liao ...'

gisiang :) andiHATEyou

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