Tuesday, October 23, 2007


today is really a very very tiring day . or should i say is a torturing day ??!! drawing such stupid face in the 'niang niang qiang' class . is really a OMG to everyone in my class bah x .
haha . and all thanks to my useless HAND ! and so ... i nid to stay back after school to complete my drawing . so after all .. I STILL NEED TO FACE IT !!! when can all this torturing stops ? but i think definitely going to last for long ! right , karen ?
quite many ppl stay back after school to draw the face . but me (karen best classmate, hahaha) accompany her to penisular to check out her camera , or else i think you really cant sleep liao . haha . KAREN , AM STILL THE BEST RIGHT ? and, you shld say ?? ... YES !!!
reach hm , had dinner .
watch home decor . but i think this ep just so not nice . both theme also no good . mark lee's curtain is too plain . adding some flowers pattern shld make it looks better , i think . and bryan wong de is too modern . not much of the ethnic feel . maybe shall see next ep . and hopefully it will be a better one .
hahaha :)
den i got so in love with my 'GONG ZHU XIAO MEI' ! its so so so the nice . hahaha . hoping that it could just upload soon . but i know i got to wait for one weeks . but this is really a very very short drama . there's only TEN EPISODE !!! catch this show if you have the time ! awaiting for EP7 :)

gisiang . andiHATEyou

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