Saturday, October 12, 2013

I am feeling grateful

I'm in a confusing state of deciding which is best for me.
"Should I move to another team or stay with my current team?"

What did I do to deserve such nice manager?
All I did was to do my best to complete whatever work that were given to me.
She's totally appreciative, kind with words, helpful and caring manager.
Is this a Japanese thing? But, I really enjoyed working under her...

What kind of luck I've that my colleague actually approached me to join her team?
I never thought I was lucky. This chance came and, it came T W I C E.
The same colleague asking me for the second time despite I declined the offer the first time she asked.

If salary wasn't the factor to my decision, what are my concerns? I got no idea.
Job scope?
I wish to help my current manager but probably I should venture out to learn new things.
I never thought so much into my career. I started this job since the pay is pretty good. But now I'm hearing people asking me how do you want your career path to be like? This makes me feel like I should give it more thought and be clear of what I really want to do in the future and what do I enjoy doing....

Just wanted to say that I'm really grateful for meeting such nice people providing me the opportunity to grow my career. I'm not extremely smart or one that has high qualifications. So, really appreciative towards these people....

This is just some on-going thoughts which have been running through my mind after I know my pay increment. Just really wanted to share before I go to bed... Goodnight.

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