Saturday, October 26, 2013

BracesJourney 11

The previous batch of photos posted were taken in March and I think I skipped my dental appt in May.
The next batch of photos I've in my camera are already for July! 
Anyway, this time round the ortho did something different.
He added a band to speed up the process of closing up the gaps.
And because of this I thought I'm almost done so I went to asked the ortho how long more does it takes before removing the braces... His answer was.......
I'm already had braces for a year and still need another 11 more mths?! 
So, the estimated time to remove will be June 2014 .........

Ok, here are some photos. 
And the braces were supposed to be white but I ate curry on the first day so it turned yellow -_-

Ok, this is like kinda awkward smile. & Hello round nose!
But if you see clearly, there is a band added to the top row of my braces.

The photos for the next 2 batches are ready but I'm just lazy to update so many at one go.
So, I'm keeping those till the next time!

Exams are coming very soon...
I hope I can get into the mood of revising and preparing for exams.
And also pass all exams! 
Didn't took exams since secondary 4, & that's like 7 years ago!!!

Ok, hope everyone enjoy their Saturday & I'm going to enjoy mine too! :)
Goodnight lovely people! 

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