Monday, September 02, 2013


Time flies. It's already September!
Since UniSim blackboard is down again and I'm unable to do my sch work, so using the time to update this space.
I really had wonderful time during the last 3 days of August. 
29 Aug, my actual 23rd birthday which I spent with my favourite ones, BFFs
30 Aug, spent it with girlfriends
31 Aug, went JB with Vonne

So here's so pictures! Quality not the best since they were taken using iPhone.

Colleagues bought a birthday cake from Flor Patisserie for me! The cake is yummy! :)
Have yet to get other photos for my co, so here's only the cake photo first!

Went to Switch by Timbre on 29 Aug with BFFs. 
Really glad that I picked this place. It's damn nice to chill, listen to some chinese and english music!
Better than Timbre because it's indoor and got aircon. Unlike the usual Timbre where most seats are outdoor and end up sweating....

Switch's ground rule is that everyone must at least order a drink, any kind of drink.
This is our first drink! :)

The popular Timbre's pizza are available here too!
Seafood pizza.

Duck pizza. Forever so good! :)

Seafood Risotto. Disappointing cos the rice were too hard.

Salted Egg Yolk Prawn. Not too bad.

Illusions shots! Awesome, taste damn nice!

Cheers to my 23rd birthday!!!

The favourite ones who spent the night with me! 
12 years of friendship and still counting...


Thanks to them, I joined the Pandora club!!! :)

Thanks BFFs!!!

My Hello Kitty films are soooo cute!!!

Thank you all for celebrating my birthday with me!
Special guest, Elgin. Thanks for the cake! :)
Photo credit: Jiaqi who is busy editing it when we were at Switch! Hahaha!

Singyee's car was stucked in SMU's carpark when we left Switch at 12.15am.
Luckily security was there to open the gate for us to drive out the car! Phew~
That's all for 29 Aug 2013! 
Birthday celebration don't end on 29 Aug! ...

My colleague and I went to Eggs & Berries at Changi City Point to have lunch on Friday, 30 Aug.
It's my first time going there and we picked Eggs & Berries cos it has no queue! Wahaha!
My colleague, Jiahui is damn nice! She paid for the lunch as my birthday treat! Hehehe!
Not the best place to have brunch, but at least the french toast were really soft.
Thanks JH for the lunch treat!

Went to MooJaa to celebrate my birthday with girlfriends.
The place was quite highly recommended but I think I'm not going back.
Although it said to have better ventilation but we still left the place smelly and I think they don't have very good service too. 
What I makes me don't want to go back is that the meat are too bland.
Although they served good quality meat like angus beef and kurobuta pork but all meat were bland. I prefer Tom Yum Kungfu so much more than MooJaa!
I like the fish skin and cheese balls but still not enough to make me go back...

I really like mookata! If only it won't make me stink after the meal....

The girls actually bought a slice of cake from Brunetti! The cake is super yummy!
Next time I wanna try other cakes from Brunetti!

We went to Drips Bakery Cafe after dinner to have desserts!
I was looking forward to having their giant tarts but all they left was the slice tart. Shouldn't make much difference la but the flavours left were very little... :(
So we had Raspberry Almond tart, Macadamia tart, Special Mazipan Tart and New York Cheesecake!
I love the Raspberry tart the most! Actually I think all taste quite good.

And, I love the iced green tea latte!

Me & the girls!!!

Thanks Chris for the polariod! :)

Thank you girlfriends for the gift!
I was looking for a bag recently and now that they gave me one, I think I can don't buy it at the moment! :)
I'm definitely going to use the bag soon but the problem is, my water bottle is huge and it can't fit into the bag! Hahaha! So if I'm bringing this bag, I need to use a smaller bottle. But using it during weekends will be perfect! :)
And I'm super in love with the Pandora charms they bought for me! Especially the cupcake one!

Close up of the lovely charms!!! 

Ended birthday celebrations with two major cliques!

Face of the day for Saturday.
Went JB with Vonne! First time going JB with her!

Had Blackball in JB. Freaking cheap. Only RM6.90!

Dinner was good too! Ate so much that day!
We had hokkien mee, highly recommended crayfish, vege and loklok!!!
I want to try cereal crayfish next time I'm there! The butter crayfish was good but too sweet. The crayfish was very fresh thou!

Luckily nothing happened to us and came back to Singapore safely :)
I hope to go JB with rest of my favourites ones! Will plan one soon!

I'm officially TWENTY THREE now!
I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends. I always feel super thankful to know each of them cos they are always so fun, nice and always there for me! Thank you all of you! Love you all!!!
May our friendship continues to forever.........

Goodnight Everyone. It's Monday again... :(

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